The Campaign for Human Development, the Roman Catholic bishops' antipoverty justice education program, has awarded more than $6 million in grants and loans to self-help project for 1979.

The Rev. Marvin Mottet, executive director of the campaign told reporters at a news conference here last Friday that 125 projects are sharing $6,317,700 in grants and loans.

Included are a community organizing and leadership training program in the South Bronx, farmworkers' housing cooperatives in California, a national land reform advocacy program based here, an outreach program for sugar cane workers in Louisiana and a utility rate reform project in Wisconsin.

Since the bishops inaugurated the program in 1969 to deal with the causes of poverty, more than $50 million has been allocated to projects across the nation, with an additional $20 million distributed at the diocesan level during the same period, Mottet said.

The grants are designed to enable low-income people of all races, religious and regions to work together on solutions to the causes of poverty and injustice. Funding comes from an annual collection in virtually all of the 18,000 Roman Catholic parishes in the country on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This year's collection is Nov. 18 in most dioceses.

Seventy-five percent of the money collected goes to the campaign for Human Development office for national allocation and education programs, with the remainder retained by the dioceses for local self-help projects, Mottet said.