Robert Strauss was born Oct. 19, 1918, and has the sun in Libra. His is a very unusual chart for it is so curiously dispassionate, its primary tendency being toward intellectual detachment. Other configurations on the chart depict a man who is personable yet impersonal, who is charming yet impervious to being charmed, and who is warm and lovable and yet not very loving. It is the chart of a perfect diplomat.

Thus, he is extremely well suited for his current job as a negotiator in the diplomatic field. In fact, he is much better suited for this position than for his earlier one as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, since party politics do require, par excellence, some degree of partisanship and emotional involvement, qualities that this man is quite incapable of delivering.

And how could he? It is hard to become intensely emotional when all stimuli are ultimately filtered through the brain, which continuously weighs pros and cons of any given situation says: "What Democrats have to say on this issue is good and correct, except for these few flaws, while, on the other hand, what Republicans have to say is bad and incorrect, except for these few points that are right."

This ability of Libra to see both sides of the story is further strengthened by Strauss' Mercury in Libra, which makes easy aspects to Saturn and Uranus on his chart.

Its sextile to Saturn in Leo makes him understand well the conservative, established, conventional and fixed points of view, while his trine to Uranus makes him also understand any revolutionary, anarchistic, ultraprogressive and radical movements of any kind, and thus he would be perfect for negotiations between Israel and the PLO, for example.

Is he, however, of any help (or hindrance) in the negotiations between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin? Is he necessary at all?

His chart indicates he has problems with both men -- but since they do occur on personal levels Strauss can intellectually rise above them. He has problems with Sadat because Sadat has sun in Capricorn and is Libra. These two signs get on each other's nerves (Carter is Libra and Mondale is Capricorn) because once Capricorn makes up his mind he wants to go into action, while Libra says: What you want to do seems okay, but on the other hand. . ."

Strauss also has a problem with Begin concerning any suggestions that would require action of any kind. Begin would automatically be on the opposite and would try to block Strauss' suggestions by stating all the things that might go wrong, emphasizing fears and doubts and things that "may go bump in the dark."

Thus Strauss' role is really quite negligible -- since he just makes them talk, but the good will that these two men have for one another would make them talk anyway. And thus the only person who could make a difference in their negotiations would be someone who could point out to Begin (and to all fixed charts) that walking away from an insurmountable obstacle once it is assessed as unsurmountable is not a sign of weakness or disloyalty, but a sign of true intelligence.

Until Begin alters slightly his psychological makeup, no amount of negotiation and no mediators even as skillful as Strauss can do any good. These two men, Sadat and Begin, as long as they are in power, will not begin hostilities against each other, for they genuinely wish each other -- and their respective countries -- well, but they might be drawn into hostilities by circumstances quite outside of their control.

My predictions:

Begin's chart is under great stress, and not just because of his health. This pressure has been building on his chart for the past two years, and it is intensifying. It will reach its first peak by the end of November and remain at that peak until the end of December. At that time there might be a problem with his staying in power. What happens then will show what direction his life will take, but since the pressure is due to outside circumstances, there is nothing I can advise him to prevent.

Sadat's chart has been in danger a few years already and indicates a change in his status (between now and middle of 1980) brought about by circumstances also beyond his control. The chart reaches its peak around January-February when the danger, to him personally and to his country, becomes quite acute. The time from November to March will be crucial for both leaders and countries.

Their charts indicate that despite their good will toward one another these two men will split. I feel their alliance will end not because they wish it to, but because life will bring this split about.

Strauss supports these aspects with his own aspects, which do indicate changes in his own status during the same period. All three charts show unexpected and sudden changes that force their hands -- but because all of these changes come about due to circumstances beyond their control there is nothing that I can say to prevent them from happening.

And it is not for the first time that I do deeply wish that all that I see happening on the charts would be totally and absolutely wrong.