To deal with "How Funny Can Sex Be?" at its own level:

This is a series of quickies, in which there is lots of wiggling and suggestive eye-rolling beforehand, and then perfunctory finishes.

In each of eight dirty vignettes, the pornographic appeal depends on a sexually deprived person's being teased by a crude come-on, or on sex being performed in front of a third person who can't participate. One of them can't participate because he is a corpse, stretched out on his deathbed. His widow and his murderer use a nearby chair. Then there is a servant whose aloof mistress demands that he give her a massage, and a doctor who donates to a sperm bank by imaginging that the attending nun at the hospital is performing for him.

Laura Antonelli, who has been taking off more costly costumes in films all over town, plays all the women, which is not as much of an acting opportunity as it sounds because they are all alike, especially about the bosom. Giancarlo Giannini has a variety of wigs and grimaces for the male roles, but they also amount to the same thing.