Sen. Larry Pressler, a Republican from South Dakota, was born on March 29, 1942, and has the sun in Aries. He is going to announce his candidacy for the presidency of the United States Tuesday. But his chart, even though it is a lucky chart, clearly indicates he will not attain his stated goal, not now, nor in any near future (1984).

I said his chart is lucky and it is. But to have a lucky chart does not mean the person is saved from disappointments, setbacks and sorrows, just that in a lucky chart all of their hardships become "lucky breaks."

Setbacks turn into opportunity for advancement and heartbreaks open the door for greater happiness.Things fall in place willy-nilly and the person is always at the right place at the right time. You may rest assured Larry will never be caught at the railroad station when his ship comes in -- he will be right on the dock, waving her into the harbor.

People with lucky charts usually attain their desires, at least partially, because of the lucky breaks.It is interesting to note the senator's chart bears that out, even at the present. While it is true that he won't attain the presidency, the chart cast for the time of his announcement clearly shows he does not entertain any serious thought about becoming the president of the United States. It shows, rather, that he is running in order to elucidate and promote the causes that are close to his heart and in this endeavor he will be quite successful.

And what does his chart indicate as the causes that are close to his heart?

Sen. Pressler would make a good economist, and if he were not a senator he should consider a job at the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund. His chart indicates a great deal of interest in the resources of other people, so he would be excellent in dealing with any legislation or projects invloving pension plans, medicare, retirement funds, insurance companies, long range investments and savings plans and social security measures. As I understand it, he has been active in this area of legislation and he should stay with it.

He has genuine compassion and liking for older people and is truly concerned with their welfare. He is also interested in the land and its preservation, be that historical or ecological. These will be the interests he will be promoting while he runs for the presidency and at the same time promoting himself (Aries is always a show off).

Larry Pressler, besides being a senator, is also one of the more eligible bachelors in Washington and some insight into the man might be useful to any women trying to catch him.

First of all, Pressler has the Moon in Virgo and his Venus is in Aquarius. In a man's chart these two planets represent his anima -- his ideal of a woman. In this case, since Virgo and Aquarius are totally uncongenial signs, Larry Pressler has two quite divergent ideas as to what he would like a woman to be and what kind of relationship he would like to have. This internal dichotomy may result in his simultataneously dating two totally different kinds of women without being able to say "Ay" to either of them.

In addition, with his Sun in Aries he may impetuously rush in and sweep a woman off her feet. But he will sweep her only three steps forward, then stop dead in his tracks thinking the other type of a woman might be better suited for him, or because love is such a risky business after all.

At present there are no romantic aspects on his chart and he is not at all vulnerable. To go after him now is like baying at the moon. One may as well save the energy until 1981 when Larry Pressler becomes very vulnerable.

My predictions for him:

Running for the presidency provides him with an excellent forum to present his programs, especially those for the aged, and he will be successful doing it. In 1981-1982 there are strong romantic aspects on his chart and he might get married. It will be a love marriage. In fact, he will be quite smitten.

At present, if there is any secret understanding or any current relationship, it might be suddenly exposed to the public, culminate in sudden marriage (which I would strongly advise against, for it will not last), or be completely broken.

He might be also changing his place of residence here around March or there will be changes at home (South Dakota) at that time.

My advice to him:

Do not depend too much on resources and initiatives of other people; depend more on your own resources and become more of the initiator.

There is a mix-up on your chart between professional and personal life so try not to confuse your genuine, but professional, concern for the welfare of the aged with your private emotional life.

If you can stand it, do not get married in January or February of 1980. Wait at least until the end of 1981 to assess. Prepare yourself for deep internal changes (in January) that will drastically affect your value system in regard to relationships and partnerships, these changes perparing you for the mariage in 1981-82. And since any personal committments you may make now will not last through 1980, this is the time to "stay loose" in emotional areas. Be prepared to be really crazy about somebody in 1981. It will be someone new.