Peggy Charren, president of Action for Children's Television, offers these pointers for parents who want to "treat TV with TLC":

TALK about TV with your child. Discuss programs that delight or upset your child, about the differences between make-believe and real life, about ways TV characters could solve problems without violence, about how violence hurts. Talk about TV-advertised foods that can cause cavities, about TV toys that may break too soon.

LOOK at TV with your child. Watch for TV behavior your child might imitate, for TV characters who care about others, for women who are competent in a variety of jobs, for people from a variety of cultural and ethnic groups. And look for ideas for what to do when you switch off the set . . . read a book . . . draw a picture . . . play a game.

CHOOSE TV programs with your child. Decide on the number of programs your child can watch and turn the set off when the program is over. Choose to turn on public television.

VOICE your opinions on children's TV by writing to a local station, to a network, to an advertiser, to Action for Children's Television, 46 Austin St., Newtonville, Mass. 02160.