Health hazard appraisals vary in complexity and price. Most organizations offer discounts to businesses, insurance companies and other large groups. Here are some appraisals offered:

Personal Health Profile, by General Health, P.O. Box 57346, Washington, D.C. $25. Profiles come in a 48-page booklet that includes data related to general health, stress, exercise, blood pressure and weight, plus chances of getting cancer and heart disease and dying in a motor-vehicle accident.

Health Risk Index, by Medical Datamation Inc., Southwest and Harrison Streets, Bellevue, Ohio 44811, $8. The index lists the person's projected major causes of death for the next 30 years, makes several life-expectancy predictions and details steps to live longer. Booklets discussing the person's problem areas are included.

Computer Fitness Profile, by Compu-Fit Systems, Inc., 9255 Sunset Blvd., Eighth Floor, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069, $25. Nutrition and exercise are emphasized in this analysis which also includes information on projected life-expectancy and combating health risks. The printout includes a fitness level and diet evaluation and provides a plan for living a longer, healthier life.

Health Hazard Appraisal, by the Methodist Hospital, Prospective Medicine Department, 1604 North Capitol, Indianapolis, Ind. 46202, $12. A pioneer in the field, this appraisal comes on a three- to four-page printout that includes information on health risks and life-expectancy, plus specific suggestions for reducing the probability of contracting disease.

Health Risk Profile, by Life Extension Institute, Stevens Tower, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10036, $10. The profile identifies an individual's mortality risk over the next 10-year period, sets health goals, prescribes preventive action and measures risk reduction. A person under 35 receives a second printout simulating his or her profile at age 40.

Life-Style Assessment Questionnaire, distributed by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Foundation, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Wisc. 54481, $5. This questionnaire explores overall levels of well-being and general health and examines personal health habits, emotions, relationships, automobile safety, exercise and relaxation. The printout gives a health profile for several decades and lists resources that can be used to increase fitness.