Steve Martindale was born Jan. 13, 1944, and has the sun in Capricorn. In the past few years he's become one of the most prominent hosts in Washington, a position many have tried to attain. Much has been written about him and the reasons for his success, each article trying to explain the seemingly unexplainable: How did this unknown manage to rise so quickly?

When one looks at his astrological chart the explanation is really very simple, as long as one does not put the cart before the horse. In other words, his present prominent social position is an indirect result of his primary drives, interests and ambitions, a simple by-product of his natural talents and of his attitude toward people.

The truth is Steve Martindale, a lawyer, is a gifted "natural" public relations man. He would make a marvelous lobbyist, or representative of any individual, company or country. He is talented in communications, and he has a genuine interest in and liking for people, especially those who are artistically or politically inclined.

He is also a very political animal, so it is not so much a social scene that he wants and enjoys per se, but rather a Washington scene, specifically where social and political life are so closely intertwined.

He is sincere in his efforts to help people and to accommodate them to the best of his ability, and if they are famous, that is the icing on the cake.

There is nothing pretentious, hypocritical or "show-offish" on the chart. Even though it shows him as perceptive and intelligent, it shows that he is not manipulative. He is really more like a little boy who stands in front of a huge Christmas tree resplendent in its glitter -- all those famous, gifted, prominent and powerful people, isn't it simply marvelous?

My predictions for him:

Your chart at the present indicates a change in your career. Since the changes are to the good, I would expect that you will expand the area of your endeavor. . . Watch February and March of 1980.

My advice:

The professional field you have chosen is excellent for you. In addition political writer. You would make a good politican yourself, and could run for office. You should also consider working for someone in politics. . . you being the "power behind the throne."

You have on your chart an aspect that is called "a finger of destiny," and thus your life will be greatly influenced by fate. In the course of your life you will achieve prominence other than being "the host with the most."

You will marry someone quite prominent, and though you might be accused of social climbing, it will not be true, for you will genuinely care for this woman. You may meet this person in 1980 (February,) with the marriage occurring suddenly. The next few years bring big changes, but they are good changes, so go along with the tide.