Food dehydrators have drifted slowly to Washington from the West Coast and are still not widely available in the area. Listed below are some stores that sell electric and solar dehydrators.

This Is The Place, 10408 Montgomery Ave., Kensington, Md. (933-1943). This Mormon bookstore does not keep food dehydrators in stock (demonstration models are available) but will order the Magic Air II ($157.95), the Little Harvey ($169.95) and the highly recommended Equiflow ($129.95 and $169.95). The Equiflow trays do not have to be rotated. Four to six weeks delivery.

Kennedy Natural Foods (533-8484), locations in Fairfax, Twin Brooks Shopping Center, Falls Church, Springfield, Rockville and Reston. The Equiflow dehydrator is also available here in the five-drawer model ($109.95) and the 10-drawer model ($169.95).

Yes!, 1035 31st St. NW (338-1700), sells the Sunhood drier from the Solar Engineering Group in Princeton, N.J. The solar drier can be placed outside or in a window ($29.95).

Acme Juicer, 3237 M St. NW (342-0852), offers the Norwalk dehydrator ( $225). Double-wall metal construction; insulated with nine trays (9 square feet of drying space); 14 inches high and 16 inches deep; weighs 38 pounds. Unconditionally guaranteed for two years.

Security Foods, Newington, Va. (703-522-4640), sells the Magic Air II ($149.50) with 10 trays that do not have to be rotated. Small amounts can be dried by removing trays. Twelve square feet drying area.

Williams-Sonoma, P.O. Box 3792, San Francisco, Calif. 94119. The Harvest Maid Food Preserver is available through mail order. The small (15 inches), round, white plastic drier sells for $95 plus $6.95 for shipping.