"Get The Knack." "Forget The Knack." "Nuke The Knack." One thing about The Knack -- no matter what your opinion is about the group -- there is a teacher or bumper sticker to match. A small army of pro-Knack concessioners were out in full force at Lisner Auditorium last night as a sellout crowd of believers gathered for The Knack's first D.c. appearance.

Even The Knack's detractors -- those who find their lyrics sexist or their Fab Four image contrived -- can't deny Doug Feiger's ear for air play. Feiger has equipped his best songs with hooks strong enough to hold a side of beef. And the band's finest moments came last night when they capitalized on his quirky rhythms and lean instrumentation.

Visually, The Knack hasn't advanced beyond its first album cover, but musically, it has made strides forward. Under the constant glare of three dozen spotlights, the group fired off 17 songs, avoided their weaker material by exploring rockabilly and Tex-Mex areas.

If anything, The Knack is less offensive in concert than it is on your car radio. The lyrics were largely unintelligible, and few people in the young crowd probably would have recognized The Knacks final encore as being a Beatles tune anyway.