Woodward & Lothrop Chairman of the Board Edwin K. Hoffman arrived unescorted after a soggy game of golf -- "I only played three holes" -- but the inclement weather seemed not at all to have dampened his spirits last night.

Nor those of Effi Barry and about 200 guests who paid $30 each for dates rolled in bacon, roast beef, a clam and oyster raw bar, cool jazz, some track lighting, raw vegetables and green dip and a fashion show at Woodies' down-town store to benefit the Washington Performing Arts Society.

The WPAS Women's Committee and Woodies, which also opened six new designer showrooms last night, cosponsored the event.

While a milling black-tie crowd, accented by Chinese frocks and vests, dipped its cauliflower, WPAS President Kenneth M. Crosby and wife Margaret Griffith celebrated an anniversary of sorts. it was a year ago that the couple ment at the International Horse Show opening, held at another Washington department store.

They owed their introduction to Griffith's sister, Aline, now the Spanish Countess of Romanones, who had worked with Crosby as an OSS agent in World War II. Aline Griffith brought her sister along on a visit to Washington, and introduced her to her old friend.

"I think it's funny", said the lanky Crosby last night in his Tennessee drawl, "that we met at Garfinckel's and celebrated at Woodies."