Fidel Castro was born Aug. 13, 1926, and has the sun in Leo. His is a very powerful and dynamic chart and, like the charts of so many people born in 1926, it packs several major planetary configurations.

The first of these is grand trine in water (three, or more planets trining each other from all three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). Such configuration indicates a strong emotional drive and bestows elements of luck.

The second configuration is a fixed grand cross (two planets in opposition to each other, squaring another pair of opposites. These four, or more, planets occupying all four fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Grand cross generates a great deal of conflict and stress, both internal and external, but it also creates a great deal of energy and dynamics.

In addition, Castro has mutual receptions (two planets, each of them in the sign ruled by the other: his Venus is in Cancer, a sign ruled by the moon, while his Moon is in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus). Mutual receptions help a person to wiggle out of messes they get themselves into.

To top it all, Fidel Castro has not only his sun (and several other planets) in dramatic Leo, but his sun is on the 19th degree of Leo, a degree that is associated with theater and drama.

The first thing that leaps from the chart is that Fidel Castro, as the president of Cuba, has been vocationally misplaced.

Castro has the chart of a born dramatic actor, of a great leading man on the stage, movies or television. Had he gone in that direction he might have become another Anthony Quinn, a Cuban Zorba the Greek, so to speak. If not an actor, then he should have practiced law, another Darrow for the defense, the courtroom providing the stage for brilliant dramatic oratory.

His presidency, while it offers yet another stage, limits him to political speeches, which is sad considering the various dramatic roles he could have played. But at the same time it alerts us to the fact that much of what he says is for the enjoyment of the performance only, half of it being flourish and dramatization.

His chart is fixed and in many ways he is an obstinate mule (his Saturn in Scorpio ties both the grand trine and grand cross together, nine planets in toto, and portrays 90 percent of his personality.) With such strong Scorpio influence he will never forget either kindness or injury, and his gratitude or resentment will remain eternal. I would never expect him to forgive the U.S.A. for a slight, not only because of his Scorpio nature, but because there is nothing worse for an actor, especially a good dramatic actor hungry for an accolade, than being ignored or taken lightly.

Castro's Mercury in Leo, being badly aspected by his Mars, often causes him to act out his ideas at the wrong time. It is not so much that his ideas are wrong, but his timing for their execution is rotten. But his benefics (Jupiter and Venus) and his mutual receptions keep bailing him out. Castro, like the proverbial cat, has nine lives and I am sure he has been landing on his feet from many seemingly untenable and very dangerous situations. This protection will last all his life except for that one, final time when it will not.

Since he would have made a marvelous actor and his dramatic talent and drive and his desire for accolades are so limited by his presidency, the unfulfilled drive is creating danger. I would have Dan Rather go down there every week for interviews, whirring the cameras and setting the stage. The very knowledge that his performance will be watched by millions would do much to fulfill Castro's deepest yearnings, for he would rather be stepped on than ignored. The best way to pacify an enemy is to make him psychologically content.

My predictions for him:

Your chart indicates that you are presently in danger, this aspect continuing through 1980. At the same time, with your great protection, chances are you will escape with life and limb intact.

Your chart also indicates transitions in relationships; on the presidential level, a transition in alliances with other nations. Since your chart and the chart of the PLO's Yassir Arafat are somewhat "simpatico," you two may move closer together. Between now and April 1980 you might be suddenly thrust into prominence, however, with the danger inherent in it, and what makes this danger more ominous is that you do not care if anything is dangerous, as long as it would be very, very dramatic.

Guard yourself at this time, for your chart indicates deception. You could be deceived by others or might be deceiving yourself. You are really a patsy for flattery, as so many Leos are.

My advice:

Really none. You are too stubborn to listen to anyone anyway, and since you are already a president there is no use to tell you that you would have been much better as an actor and should have gone that way.

Do not believe, at the present, all you hear and do not trust anyone. If you are entering new alliances be prepared to be duped, or taken for a sweet ride down the primrose path.

I would have preferred to hear you on the stage, in the death scene from Julius Ceasar saying "Et tu Brute contra me?" than to have to listen to your political oratory. You would have been much better as an actor than as a president. More than that, you would have been much more deeply fulfilled and much happier man.