Jane Fonda was born Dec. 21, 1937, and has the sun in Sagittarius. Her husband, Tom Hayden, was born Dec. 12, 1940, and also has the sun in Sagittarius. For the past several years these two have managed quite successfully by their speeches and their actions to keep the spotlight on themselves, to become subjects of controversy and to attract a great deal of anger and hostility.

Yet, even the most rabid of their detractors would have to switch from anger to pity if he could see their charts, for they clearly indicate that these two technically grown up people are still woefully immature.

Tom Hayden's chart is worse than Fonda's because it is unbalanced. It lacks both an element (Hayden has no planets in air signs) and the quality (he has no planets in cardinal signs). A missing element or quality indicates this person lacks understanding of that quality or element in life. Hayden's chart, since the air element is missing, indicates he has little understanding of and great difficulty with abstract thinking (air signs represent mental, abstract faculties).

Curiously, people with an element missing often become compulsive in that sphere of life and with the air element missing they can live in the land of abstract utopia saying that, "Theoretically, a pound of hamburger should cost 40 cents," and get furious when it doesn't. They not only build castles in the air, they live in them and wonder why the world does not leap to follow them there. They cannot blend abstract with reality, because they really do not comprehend the abstract, yet, they are compulsive about it proving that the human organism tries to compensate for what it lacks.

A missing element provides only slight unbalance to the person, but Tom Hayden also has quality missing. In his case he has no cardinal planets. Again he will have lack of understanding for any action (or reaction to it) yet may be compulsive about it since cardinal quality stands for actions that people take to solve their problems.

Tom Hayden emerges as a man who talks all the time about a utopian abstract he does not fully comprehend, and tries to bring this abstract into reality by taking action, which he also does not understand. To top it all, he has seven fixed planets, five of them in earth, thus all of the personality is entrenched and fixated in his misdirected actions to pursue incomprehensible abstract goals.

The rest of the planets indicate tremendous amounts of anger and hostility, possibly emanating from some authority figure from his childhood whom he now fights in the form of government, presidency or a college professor.

Tom's relentless ongoing battle with this authority figure saps all the energies which is too bad, for there is an artistic ability that would have been more constructively expressed on the stage, than in staging confrontations.

Jane Fonda's chart is easier, much more balanced (she has planets in all the elements and qualities). We all know she is a good actress and the chart not only supports it completely, but indicates she might have other artistic abilities as well. She has a great deal of energy, and there is a sunniness in the chart she should learn to express. Unfortunately, she also is still trying to impress daddy, and specifically, to impress him with her brain. This compulsive need interferes with her artistic career, and even paradoxically with her good brain capacity.

The feeling one gets from the chart is that she was really never listened to; that her ideas, and her own logic and her original concepts, apart from art, were never paid much attention to. Now, she is trying to get the world to listen to her, to pay attention to what, how and why she thinks the way she does. It is a mute cry for daddy to listen -- and to admire her for her brain rather than for her actin abilities or looks.

Unfortunately, instead of being original, for which one needs detachment, she simply goes the opposite of what everybody else thinks. This is not originality. This is a cop out.

While everyone was stunned that she would not speak up for boat people -- inasmuch as she spoke so flowingly about humanitarianism during, the Vietnam War -- it is really quite simple to explain: If everyone is for the boat people, she must be against them.

If she would pursue her art, she would develop her brain to be really original in that direction.


The charts of both people show they are moving away from some major reassessment or conflict that occurred about a year or a year-and-a-half ago. They are both moving tentatively into new directions, without much enthusiasm and, at present, they also do not see reality very clearly, with the wishful bubble bursting next year. The major changes are indicated for 1982.

Hayden should watch November and December -- something happens then that may activate all that pent-up anger and hostility. The time around Christmas will be difficult for both of them, with Fonda taking the brunt of his anger.

My advice: I have already described what hampers both people in their development. If Fonda would put her real originality into art she would go far.

But I do not believe that Hayden, with his chart, can move in a more mature direction. And if Fonda does move and gives up "slaying the ghosts from the past," then her marriage may break up. The only thing that ties these two charts together and forges understanding is their unfinished business connected with their respective daddies.