Everything you need -- except the ghosts -- to stage a horrifying haunted house can be found in a supermarket, basement, attic, closet or panty. Here's how:

Boxes, packing crates and tables can be covered with sheets or sheer curtains to make aisles in a dark room or creat a witches' cave, a graveyard, a coffin, depending on the age and scare-potential of the participants.

Creepy effects are created by lighting -- black lights, colored lights, flashlights, lights flicked on and off -- and by sound. Special Halloween records have monstrous screeches, screams, howls, or you can make a cassette of your own.

Things hanging from the ceiling are eerie in the dark: strings of different lengths, a feather boa, sheer curtains, a paper skeleton, a spider on a string, a stuffed glove.

Touching: a bucket of spaghettie is worms, a bowl of oysters is anything slimy you can imagine, cold cauliflower is brains, a peeled grape is the eyeball of a cat, a small piece of anything furry is a bat.

Adults may appreciate the weird: walking barefoot through warm Jell-O, being trickled, crawling through a tunner of boxes, being blindfolded and led barefoot over a lumpy mattresses.

Little children should not be exposed to anything truly frightening. After they go through a tame haunted house, they will delight in looking in a mirror and being told: "Here's the real monster."