Moshe Dayan was born May 20, 1915, and has his sun in Taurus. His recent resignation as Isaeli foreign minister seems to have caught everyone by surprise, but his chart shows this decision was far from sudden. In fact, the chart indicates it took about a year to crystallize , a year that began on a high note and ended on a low one, much of it due to the basic incompatibility between Dayan and Begin as indicated by their respective charts.

Moshe Dayan's sun and moon are in fixed signs (Taurian sun, Leo moon). Begins's sun and moon are in fixed signs also (sun in Leo, Aquarian moon). This similarity makes them understand each other's rigities, but there the similarity ends. Begin has several other planets in fixed signs making his fixed, while Dayan has several additional planets in cardinal signs, making his chart cardinal and more flexible. Dayan, having a cardinal chart, will try to solve problems by action, making in tune with Anwar Sadat, who also has a cardinal chart, than with Begin, who with his fixed chart solves problems by entrechment and resistance.

In addition, the charts of Dayan and Begin are tied up with a rather unpleasant karmic link. This link makes Begin feel he is always asked by Dayan to give more than he can, while Dayan feels he can never get anything from Begin no matter how hard he tries.

The feelings generated by such a karmic link are often unrealistic and unfounded, but they do persist. Such a link makes each party feel not only unfulfilled by the other, but drained.

All of that can be perceived and coped with by good Mercury aspects on both charts, their intellects rising above instinctive reactions. Unfortunately, in this case, Dayan's brilliant Mercury falls exactly on Begin's Saturn, that is badly afflicted.

Saturn is the planet of reality, pragmatism, cold reason, discipline and reasonable fears. But when afflicted it is a planet of augmented restriction and unreasonable fears.

Any idea Dayan might have would have "wilted" under Begin's Saturn, and his proposals would never have gotten off the ground.It had nothing to do with political views. Had Dayan been minister of agriculture the same thing would have happened.

This conjunction of Dayan's Mercury with Begin's afflicted Saturn is most unfortunate, as Dayan's Mercury is one of the strongest points on his chart (a chart already formidable in its own right). His Mercury is in Gemini, a sign it rules, and trines Uranus in Aquarius, a sign Uranus rules, and has several other good aspects. Dayan is brilliant, original, inventive, startling and unorthodox, yet pragmatic and realistic within his unorthodoxy. He attacks unexpectedly.

In addition to all the unfortunate aspects between these two charts, one year ago Dayan had a strong aspect to his Neptune, a planet of dreams, hopes, illusions (and on the negative side, a planet of delusions, deceptions and enslavement). Dayan began that year with high hopes, big dreams and idealistic visions of what he might do or accomplish. As the year passed and the aspect began to wane, reality took over, dissolving the dreams like smoke.

One could say Dayan began to realize the influence of Begin's Saturn on his own chart. It is true this Mercury Saturn conjunction was present from the very beginning, buy under Neptunian influence we do not see what we do not wish to see. Strong Neptunian aspect is very often present in charts of people who fall in love, and always present when they are swindled. Neptune makes you look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Saturn on Begin's chart, invisible or maybe charming a year ago, became visible and not so charming after Neptune took its rosy glasses and went away. v

My predictions:

What is interesting is that the story is not yet finished. We have to wait until November-December '1979, to see what will unfold. The karmic link between Dayan and Begin will be activated during that time and repeated June through September of 1980. It means the lives of these two people might be changed again, the change in one life directly affecting the life of the other. The event will be sudden and fateful.

Other aspects on Dayan's chart make me think his resignation might also have been motivated by his health. The chart is at the low ebb, indicating body energy is low. Many planets are changing their signs and there is a pervading sense of fatigue.This indicates a life in transition from one phase to another.

My advice.

Because the chart is at such a low ebb, rest, enjoy yourself. This is the time to be as comfortable as possible and do only what pleases you. You are like a factory in the process of retooling for a new model car. This new model comes out in about six months when trasition is over.

You are an ardent lover, a musical romantic, very magnetic man who loves good conversation. You definitely need some fun after the last year.