Punk has gone Pop! Several years ago, the British punks burst upon the rock scene, slashing at the pretentious postures of the superstars. The musicians were rough and anarchistic, and they reawakened the savage instincts of real rock 'n' roll. While they eventually went the way of all flash, a new generation has picked up the debris and fashioned it into a forceful musical style.

Last night at the Bayou, David Werner and Pat Benatar presented their own brand of power punk pop. Their sets were sleek and carefully packaged for the mass market, with raw vocals set to catchy melodic hooks.

Werner is a cross between David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. His svelte stage appearance is offset by harsh and driving music that is aimed straight at the gut. While Wener does not have a pasticularly distinctive style, his cove projects a sleezy slickness that reaches out and grabs the listener by the ears.

Pat Benatar is taking a different approach. Dressed in black tights and a revealing, fake leopard blouse, she strutted about the stage, appealing to the more fundamental fantasies of rock fans. Backed by a tight and frenzied group, she featured lusty versions of '60s rock classics that had the crowd yelling for more, more, more.