Rock 'n' roll history was made at the Bayou last night -- for once, the crowd was actually more eccentric than the musicians on stage! Sheiks, cowboys, assorted ghouls, a gigantic box of cigarettes and at least one killer bee danced about, while upstairs, a group of android musicians played with the help of a computer console.

Downstairs on the main stage, Razz provided the real music of the evening. Halloween was the perfect setting for a concert by this group. Their music wears various "masks" from hard rock to punk and new wave, with savage rhythms and crunching power chords blasting away incessantly. The hard-nosed sound was accentuated by uproarious stage antics that included tough-guy poses, leaping guitarists and a "singing" nude pin-up held in front of the lead singer.

During their first set, the group featured several original songs that were competent, if uninspiiring, versions of mid-'60s rock styles. The songs were exuberant and highly danceable, yet they lacked a style or presence of their own. The breakneck pace of the performance and the imaginative posturings of the musicians could not compensate for the lack of musical substance.

The musicians in Razz are certainly a bunch of characters. Now all they need is a sound with some character of its own.