Jane Byrne, the mayor of Chicago, was born on May 24, 1934 and has her sun in Gemini. Recently, of course, she has been very much in the news, with the press spotlighting Jimmy, who, in ardent pursuit, was wooing for her loyal heart and helping hand.

The lady didn't "Nay" and she didn't say "Aye" but she seemed to be more than willing, her words more than encouraging the harboring of lustful political thoughts.

And then, suddenly, she switched, and cast him down by announcing that her heart belongs to Teddy.

As an astrologer I am not surprised. Long ago I could have told Jimmy (had he asked me) not to waste his time in pursuit of this lady, for her heart belongs all to herself, while her chart is all tied up with Teddy's chart, and not with Jimmy's.

And if two people's charts do not link up with one another, these two people's lives do not tie up either; and if they do, then only for a very short while (Sargent Shriver and McGovern had only one, passing link of about three months' duration at the time they were running together).

In this case, Jane's chart hooks up with Teddy's chart in six exact aspects, and one of them is karmic (and thus fateful); while the only aspect that ties her to Jimmy's chart is a very negative one -- it is her Mars-Saturn configuration that just loves to cast down and break any male authority figure.

Moreover, on the basis of that single link between her's and Jimmy's chart I would go even further and would say that Jimmy should not count on this lady not complaining against him. With her six links to Kennedy's chart I doubt very much that she can remain this neutral.

On the other hand, her endorsement of Kennedy is a mixed blessing, for some of the aspects between their charts are far from being pleasant. She could become "a pain in the neck" for Teddy -- she may try to tell him what to do, and how to do it, and try to boss him. Since her Saturn (planet of restriction) is repressing his energy and drive (Mars) and his thinking (Mercury), she may try to channel them, according to her own perceptions of what is right and wrong.

It has been written about her that she is fiercely loyal -- I would agree to that but with this reservation -- she is fiercely loyal primarily to her own quest for power and authority, and thus she will be fiercely loyal to anyone who will be helping her in that quest.

All energies on Jane Byron's chart are geared to a battle against any authority figure (more specifically, any male authority figure) and for her own drive to attain power. She gets a great deal of pleasure in facing hostile situations and then in conquering them; in challenging the powers to be -- and then in trying to bring them down.

And thus, despite all that has been written, I believe that her relationship with Daley offered her that pleasure, for she must have derived a great sense of power in the knowledge that she could conquer him.

Jane Byrne's chart indicates that her predominant desire is to be on top. It means never being in a subservient position, and never to having to obey anyone, especially a man.

My predictions:

The cycle that began last year lasts until 1982, with some disappointment in personal life looming on the horizon in 1980. Life will not deliver what you want -- more specifically, you will not be able to move the chess pieces on the board the way you are planning to and this will provoke a great deal of anger.

The 1982 re-election promises to be a tough one and you will really have to fight to retain your position. I cannot say whether you will win or not for in order to assess that I need to have the chart of the opponent.

But the aspects on your chart for that time are mixed, and thus if your opponent's chart is more aligned with the planetary positions than yours is at that time, you will lose.

In addition, Uranus, the planet of reversals and of sudden upsets, is looming heavily in your chart in 1982, and thus if you are running far behind in the polls, you might win (like Truman), but if you are sure that you are running strong, watch out, for you may suddenly become just Mrs. Byrne.

My advice:

I have none. I could wish for that you would give up the taming of wild horses, and use your intellect (which is considerable) in some other endeavor, like writing commentary, or philosophical essays. I could wish that you would develop a light touch and try to see life with a smile, even if only from time to time, but I do not believe that this will ever happen.

And thus, I think that you, because of the energy concentration in your chart, will be always running against something or someone, rather than for something or someone. I think therefore that even if you lose reelection in 1982 you will run again for some political office, trying to unseat someone, or will involve yourself with some movement or organization that prefers to cut people down, rather than to help them up. You could change if you would try, for the aspects are there to help you, but I do not think that you will ever want to do it, for exhilaration of battle is to you more appealing than the serenity of peace.