Sen. Howard Baker was born on Nov. 15, 1925, and has his sun in Scorpio. He announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States on Nov. 1, 1979, in Washington, D.C., and both charts (one cast for the moment of his birth, and the other cast for the moment of his announcement) are extremely weak-aspected, gaining in strengh as the time progresses, and climaxing at the end of 1980 and into 1981.

As an astrologer I would say, despite the polls that show him trailing Reagan and Connally, that Sen. Baker has an excellent chance to be on the ticket, possibly heading it. If he does head it, he has a more than 50-50 chance to become the next president of the United States.

I say he has an excellent chance, because we all know how the Republican party just loves to commit harakiri. It considers it to be a very noble act, even though it is obvious that it is quite self-defeating. And thus with five charts to the fore: Baker's and Bush's red hot, Reagan's lukewarm and waning, Anderson's merely trailing and Connally's peaked out by now and dead by convention time, the party could nominate Reagan, with either Bush or Baker as the vice-presidential candidate. In such case all the strength of the vice president could not overcome the weakness and waning in Reagan's chart.

And thus, astrologically speaking, if Republicans would really wish to win, Baker-Bush would be the winning combination. Bush running like an angel against Carter and Baker running like an angel against Kennedy, both charts beating opposition hands down.

And yet, I believe that Baker is the one who heads the ticket, for there is an undercurrent of fate in his chart indicating that he gains by "inheritance" of some sort. Reagan's chart is very much spotlighted at the time of the convention, but more as the kingmaker than a king. I believe that Reagan may annoint his successor -- and throw his his support to that person.

And thus, since Sen. Baker has the aspects that may make him not only head on the ticket, but could very possibly make him the next president, it might be worthwhile to see what kind of a man he is, for this will translate into what kind of president he will make.

The first thing that leaps from the chart (and it is a welcome relief) is the sense of balance. There is no overriding personal ambition. Absent is the mad drive for power, or the need for approval with the "look at me, see how nice I am" bit.

It is a chart of a well-balanced man who likes people, and works well with them. He also enjoys working in partnership with someone, and thus he would work well with his vice president. Baker, as a president, would truly make his vice president a partner, something that all presidents say they will do, and somehow never get around to do it.

Sen. Baker likes women and gets along well with them. If he would say that he would consider a woman for vice president, or that he would promote women in the course of his presidency, he would not say that just for political expediency (while inwardly seething and gnashing his teeth), but because it is his natural and genuine feeling.

In addition to balance, there is stability and dependability, without a shred of hypocrisy, opportunism or expediency. This will be not a candidte who would give different speeches and alter his stands depending either on locale or the type of constituency that he addresses himeself to.

Since he is a deeply emotional man, he does feel for people, and therefore he will be compassionate and understanding to the plight of the poor, underprivileged and to minorities, but since the chart is balanced, his views will be balanced without going into extremes of any direction. Thus I would expect him to be moderate in his domestic policy, without a great emphasis on either great spending for social services, but neither on great cuts in it.

Since he is not a man who is driven by internal conflicts or neurotic needs beyond his own control, there would be no sudden leaps, or changes, or constant swaying "to and fro," and since he knows how to be cooperative without giving up his own principles, his relationship with the House would be smooth and productive.

He is not given to histrionic oratory, and he considers the appeal to lower instincts of men beneath his dignity -- I would not expect him during the campaign to attack anyone sneakily, or to hit below the belt. If he were to be attacked like that, however, he would retaliate, always giving fair warning first. His own nature prevents him from stooping to low tricks.

This man despises lying. Lie to him once, and you are dead. Do not even try, for with his Sun, and moon, and Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, he will always know whether you are lying or not, anyway. This Scorpionic quality would make him perfect for negotiations with the Russians, for he will always know the truth, no matter what they would be sayin -- and could never be "taken for a ride" down the Russian rose path that always leads you to the bog.

My predictions:

The going gets better and better as the time passes, and you are coming to the convention with the red hot chart. This chart unfolds and comes to the full bloom, so to speak, by the late fall of 1980, and into 1981. Thus your chart is so hot that it may even override or foil any attempts at hrakiri. But even if it does not, I still think that you are on the ticket.

My advice:

Do not get discouraged. The chart cast for the time of your announcement shows many obstacles. And yet the stars are giving you all the help they can, accentuating and unfolding -- so just run, baby, run -- for you shall run well. a