Prunes not only make a nutritious and tasty snack by themselves, but add zest to other dishes.

Snack-a-bites: Blend a little undiluted thawed orange juice concentrate into smooth peanut butter to brighten up the taste. Add snippets of sun-sweetened prunes for extra flavor and nice, chewy text. Gradually mix in crumbled cinnamon graham crackers until the mixture firms. Shape into 1-inch balls, roll in powdered sugar or flaked coconut.

Breakfast on a salad: Fix a light yet satisfying salad of cut-up oranges, bananas and pitted prunes topped with cottage cheese. Butter toast, pure milk of a hot beverage -- and breakfast is complete.

Banana bread rhapsody: Give your best banana bread recipe an extra punch. For every loaf, add to the batter about 3/4 cup each coarsely grated carrots, snipped prunes and chopped walnuts, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Bake as usual.

Savory pork chops: Brown pork chops on both sides in a heavy skillet. Add chopped onions and cook until tender. Season with sage, garlic salt and pepper. Arrange whole pitted prunes and dried apples over meat. Cover; cook on lowered heat until chops are done and fruits plump.

What do you call it? Call it relish, call it garnish -- but see how nicely this perky stuffed prune idea heightens interest in an standby omelet. Simply fill pitted prunes -- thumb-press end first into little cups -- with a mixture of processed sharp cheese spread and minced cooked ham or crumbled crispy bacon. Top with parsley springs or green onion sprinkles. Two or three stuffed prunes per serving do the trick.