Chip Carter's Thanksgiving supper dance is still on for Monday night, but State Department receptions at Blair House that night and the next were postponed yesterday because of the situation in Iran.

Richard Gookin, deputy chief of protocol, said that "under the circumstances" the Office of Protocol felt it would not be appropriate to go ahead with the receptions.

They were planned by Chief of Protocal Abelardo Valdez for some 135 chiefs of diplomatic missions here.Half of the diplomats were invited for Monday night, the other half Tuesday. Alson expected were top officials from the White House, the Congress and the State Department. Gookin said the receptions will be rescheduled.

At the White House, plans are going ahead for the dance Chip Carter will give Monday night for some 500 bipartisan guests, according to a spokesman for Rosalynn Carter.

Faith Collins, deputy press secretary to the first lady, said she did not know if the subject of Iran came up in discussions about the party, but that there were no plans to cancel it.

Collins described it as "an official White House function" to which younger members of Congress and members' children have been invited. "There was no mention of President said Mrs. Carter attending the party," Collins said.

Yesterday, President Carter canceled plans to travel to Florida and Sapelo Island, Ga., next week, because of the Iranian crisis.