To bring tone to all the large muscles of the body, Miss Craig recommends these eight exercises.

Abdomen -- Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, arms over your head and elbows on the floor. Raise only your head, shoulders and arms; touch hands to knees. Slowly return to starting position. Do 15 times.

Arms -- Stand with arms overhead and heels of the hands touching. Turn your hands until the backs touch. Return to starting position. Do 20 slowly and 10 quickly.

Back and Shoulders -- Stand with your back pressed against the jamb of a doorway. Bend knees slightly, place feet about 16 inches from the frame, bend elbows and grasp the molding behind your head. Keep your back pressed against the jamb and your hands on the molding throughout the exercise. Bring bent arms to your head, then as far away as possible from your head. Do 20 times.

Bosom and Chest -- Stand at arm's length from a wall, extending both arms at shoulder level. Keep arms straight and one hand pressed against the wall throughout the exercise. Move the left arm across your chest, trying to touch left hand to right hand. Do 10 times with each arm.

Buttocks and Hips -- Rest your right hand on a chair. Raise the left leg about 10 inches, bending your knee in front of you. Circle the bent leg, keeping the foot raised. Circle each leg 20 times.

Lower Back -- Bend knees, lean over and touch hands to sides of your feet. Keeping buttocks down and head tucked to chest, use your back muscles to slowly raise your body. When upright, pinch shoulder blades together and raise head to its natural position. Relax shoulder blades, but not the body. Do 10 times.

Thighs -- Stand with feet 10 inches apart. Keep feet on the floor and shift weight to the right leg as far as you can. Then stick your hip out a little farther to the side with three bouncing movements. Return weight to both legs, do to left and repeat 20 times.

Waistline -- Stand with knees slightly bent, feet spread apart and hands clasped behind neck. Bend body and try to bring right elbow to left knee. Return to starting position and repeat with left elbow. Do 20 times.