Empress Farah Diba Pahlavi, wife of the deposed shah of Iran, told ABC's Barbara Walters that she and her husband would like guidance from the Carter Administration, which has had no contact with them.

In a special report on the ABC evening television news last night, Walters reported that Empress Farah told her in an exclusive interview that her husband wants to leave the United States as soon as possible and return to Mexico. Walters, who spoke to Empress Farah yesterday, said she told her that the shah, undergoing treatment for cancer of the lymph nodes at New York Hospital, wants to leave the United States as soon as he can be released.

The empress was reported to have said: "He hopes to go when his current set of radiation treatments . . . (is) completed, perhaps within 10 days to two weeks.

Sources at New York Hospital said the radiation treatments were expected to be over this weekend. But they pointed out the shah was still being treated for gallstones and might require another operation in a month.

The empress, according to ABC, said the shah did not link his arrival in the United States with the capture of American hostages at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.Moslem students occupying the embassy have demanded extradition of the shah as the price for releasing the hostages.

Instead, the shah believed Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini planned the seizure of the embassy to keep his revolution from crumbling.

The empress also was quoted as saying that she helped persuade the shah to come to the United States because he was jaundiced and suffering great abdominal pain, adding, "If the shah did not receive immediate diagnosis and treatment from a team of experts, it was felt he would die."

The empress said her husband has both good and bad days and is able to watch television and receive an occasional visitor. And, Walters quotes her as saying, "He is deeply saddened at what his stay in this country has caused."

"Empress Farah told me she learned of her husband's cancer three years ago," Walters reported. "But she only told their children hurriedly in a matter of 15 minutes when she arrived in the United States because she didn't want them to learn the news from the newspapers or television."

The United States was selected for the medical treatment over such nations as Britian and France because the deposed ruler had no contacts with other governments and no invitations, the empress said in the interview.