If you get sick from a defective pumpkin pie mix on Thanksgiving, be careful about taking Pepto-Bismol, because you may swallow some glass.

The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that it is recalling 207,000 bottles of the stomach-soother because of a possible defect in the bottles. As of Nov. 16 however, all but 23,000 had been returned, and fewer than 100 bottles actually may be affected, the firm said.

At the same time the FDA announced that some canned pie mixes have been recalled for being under processed. The mix was made by Sterling Cooperative Inc. and distributed under a variety of store labels in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut.

The Pepto-Bismol was in four-ounce glass bottles distributed nationwide.

William Kenney, spokesman for the manufacturer, Norwich-Eaton Pharmaceuticals, said the recall began Oct. 19.

Kenney also said the firm believes that fewer than 100 bottles had the defect, called a "bird swing."

The FDA described the possible defect as a glass filament extending from one wall of the bottle to the other. If it broke, a consumer could swallow glass particles with the stomach-coating fluid.

Kenney said no broken filaments or injuries have been reported. The Pepto-Bismol being recalled is in lots with these code numbers: 112950, 121150, 121161, 121163, 121164, 121165, 121166, 121167, 121184 and 121193.

The FDA said the canned pumpkin was in No. 2 1/2 cans with these labels:

Sterling, Lakeshore, Kroger, Sweet Brier, Sweet Life, Montco, and Ideal. The agency said the manufacturer began the recall on Aug. 28, but it does not know how many cans are on the market.

They carry the following codes; PSI-8471, PSI-8511, PSI-8422, PSI-8442, PSI-8481, PSI-8531, PSI-8553, PSI-0138 and PSI-8421.