Diane von Furstenberg's favorite model -- herself -- has retired.

The sultry-eyed, frizzy-haired designer, who for nearly 10 years featured her own photographs in her fashion ads and on dress tags, won't be showing her face in public anymore -- at least not in the same way.

"People know me -- God knows my face has been around long enough, don't you think?" asks the 32 year-old Belgian-born designer, socialite and princess who hit it big on Seventh Avenue with her simple but sexy wrap dresses.

"People get tired of faces -- even film star faces -- and mine isn't getting any younger. So I am taking myself out of my publiciy -- at least, for a while. The focus of my new ads will be my clothes, not my face."

Von Furstenberg's new, "non-image-building campaign" as she calls it, is hardly an indication that her business is sagging. According to the designer, her fashon licensing empire now includes 10 separate companies (including jean, furs, sleepwear, hosiery, dresses, sportswear, luggage, rainwear, cosmetics and fragrances) and racks up annual sales of more than $100 millon a year. "What's happened in the past few years is that I am becoming a businesswoman who controls many companies, rather than simply a designer who built a business based on one good dress. I've had to reorganize a lot of things, change around my thinking."