Working at home can be a profitable arrangement. Not only can you deduct an amount of money from your income taxes for the space you work in (if clearly separate from living space, check your tax man), but you also save on transportation, clothing and food. You might even save the cost of a babysitter.

Working at home can be a drag without well-organized storage and work surface, good lighting and a comfortable chair.

A woman illustrator decided on her bedroom for her work place. She had two young children and needed a place where she could close the door to secure her work and materials.

Using the window wall, I designed a continuous shelf of white laminate under the two windows. Supporting the shelf are three two-drawer file cabinets with an open area between them wide enough for a chair. The files are white, to match the top.

The window wall is covered, from one end to the other and from the ceiling to the shelf, with white vertical blinds. The entire work area thus melts unobtrusively into the background of the bedroom.

A writer who works at home chose the more formal space of a living room. He needed a long work surface, a typing table and plenty of shelf storage for books.

To accommodate these requirements in the parlor, I arranged a modular seating system in a loose U-shape, facing the simple fireplace. On either side of the chimney, I built a combination of bookshelves and closed storage space. This combination not only held books, but a small bar and stereo equipment as well.

Behind the sofa is a long slab-end parson's table, a perfect surface for paper work. At right angles to it, and at the proper height, is a smaller slab-end table for the typewriter. A comfortable swivel chair on casters and two roving clamp lamps, provide illumination for work or reading on the sofa.

All the finishes work together. The seating is covered in a deep brown velour, close in tone to the paint of the walls and ceiling. The off-white plastic laminate of the table repeated in the chimney color. The wall-to-wall berber carpeting in an off-white tweed flecked with brown, combines these neutrals in this living office at home.