Who will mediate between you and your landlord?

What should you do if your tax return is audited?

How safe is that nuclear energy plant is on the other side of town?

Answers to questions like these can be found through a new catalogue of 103 publications put out by citizens' action groups and consumers organizations.

You'll rarely find these periodicals in official guides or in your library, but you will find lawyers, scientists, tax experts, nuclear physicists, nutritionists and others writing about all sorts of subjects that affect your health and pocketbook.

Here are some samples:

News From ACAP. This quarterly newsletter is published by the Aviation Consumer Action Project which concerns itself with looking after airline passengers' rights. You get information on how to find honest charter flights, how to cope with lost or damaged baggage and how to bump back when bumped off a flight.

Alternative Sources of Energy is a bi-monthly journal that talks about solar, wind and wood energy resources. You get details on such topics as how to build your own solar hot water heater and how to build your own wind generator.

Network: The Paper for Parents. This tabloid paper comes out during the school year and addresses itself to helping parents get a better education for their children. It has articles on the problems of single parents and handicapped children and news of what parent organizations are doing.

Pension Facts are pamphlets put out by the Pension Rights Center. You get information on how to evaluate your pension, pension rights for women and how to set up IRA (Individual Retirement Account) and Keogh (for self-employed) retirement plans.

Gray Panther Network. Published by the Gray Panthers, this newspaper shows how elderly groups get tax reform, nursing home reform, better housing, jobs after retirement and better interest rates on savings accounts.

Information Report is of special interest to lovers of domestic and wild animals. Each issue contains articles on such things as "the whale killers" and what you can do about them, problems with the importation and sale of wild birds and problems with "factory farming" methods.

Critical Mass Journal is for people who are worried about the safety of nuclear energy plants. This monthly journal was right on top of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. It also goes into nuclear energy regulation and what you can do about it.

People and Taxes is a monthly paper on all forms of taxation -- federal state and local. Some recent headlines: Ax Evasion: Chicago Style; Taking Account of Marriage: Treasury Faces Hard Choices in Solving Marriage Penalty; Property Tax Administration: In Need of Major Overhaul. You also get tips on how to save on taxes, how to file and what to do in case of an audit.

This is just a sampling. You can find many other feisty little journals, tabloids and newsletter covering the whole health field, housing, food and nutrition, community action jobs, economics and national security politics.

For information and titles, plus subscription rates, you can get an illustrated, 57-page guide, "Periodicals of Public Interest Organizations" by sending a $5 donation to: Public Interest Commission; 1875 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009.