My first column on the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and the deposed Shah of Iran, Muhammed Reza Pahlavi, appeared July 15. In it I wrote, among other things: "That the shah is in mortal danger from Oct. 9 to 25 and at that time he should not trust anyone and give no one even a benefit of doubt . . . That the chart cast for Khomeini's arrival at Tehran's airport indicates not only the fall of the then-existing government but also the fall of his own regime, possibly with the year of his arrival . . fs. That in August and September, there begins unrest in Iran's labor force and in the oil fields . . . as we move into October his government may begin to shake, with the internal shakedown in the middle of October . . . November carries a strong threat to Khomeini's life, beginning on Nov. 1 . . ."

Their charts seem to be working, since the timing of the events has been fairly accurate. At this time of crisis, with some hostages still behind the "Iran Curtain," it might be worthwhile to update the charts in a more detailed way.

The chart of the shah that indicated the period of mortal danger in October is not yet "out of the woods." In fact it is presently at a very low ebb, the aspects undermining the chart and becoming stronger in December, culminating during the first two weeks of January. Even though it peaks then, stronger danger to his life persists through March. As to Khomeini's chart and the indications for his future, it is really very simple. If we can understand this man, then any of his future actions can be easily anticipated. After all, his reactions to recent events that created the present situation have been predictable behavior of a man with his psychological makeup, as disclosed by his chart.

I said in my first column that the Khomeini chart is the chart of a man engaged in a mortal struggle, relentlessly pursuing his personal vendetta against the shah. This preoccupation with his ultimate goal, namely to see the shah dead, has been building (from November through February). The start of the crescendo was triggered by the news of the shah's illness -- much more important than the shah's actual arrival in this country.

Put yourself in Khomeini's shoes. If you'd been contemplating revenge for more than 35 years, reveling in the picture of the final demise of your enemy and suddenly the intended victim is whisked away where your vengeance could not reach -- you probably would have a fit also.

This is also the reason Khomeini does not want to believe the shah is sick, possibly dying. Khomeini cannot accept that. The death from illness of the shah is something final and would rob Khomeini of his raison d'etre . His own defense mechanism demands that he make himself believe in the fantasy that the shah is healthy and is being kept in hiding by the United States.

I hope the shah survives his difficult aspects, for although many feel his death would solve the problem of the hostages, I totally disagree.

Given Khomeini's psychological make up, the shah's death away from the ayatollah would leave all that pentup hatred without a focus. It could turn him even more vituperatively against any country or persons he would hold responsible for denying him his coup de grace .

In addition, the chart cost for Khomeini's arrival in Tehran is also badly afflicted and getting worse. His regime is unraveling from within and has been for some time. Khomeini may think he can avoid anger and unrest by focusing the people's fury at someone other than himself. But his chart clearly indicates that all the sit-ins, fast-ins and pray-ins do not alleviate the problems, nor make them disappear. The unraveling continues while Khomeini is sitting, listening only to the beat of his own drums and blindly following the path of his destiny that was written in the stars, totally oblivious to the fact that his violence will breed violence.

Thus Khomeini falls and his regime falls also. With Khomeini's sun on the malefic, death-dealing fixed star, Algol, and with Uranus in exact opposition to it and remaining at that degree until March, the danger of a violent death to him and to his regime is real and present, and is coming from within his country, not from outside.

I am afraid we are in for a long siege because Khomeini's chart shows him to be a person who has been obsessively pursuing his own single goal, blinded to anything else. I do not expect him to even show or be capable of any gesture of nobility, for this is a small man with a small soul all pickled in hate.