"Hi Sweetie," she said. "Is that you, Precious? This is Serena.

Silky sibilants hissed over intercontinental cables. How long had it been since I'd heard Serena's ever-so-slightly accented voice? Four years at least, maybe longer.

"Sugar, I'm flying into Washington tonight. Meet me at The Three Thieves for a drink. We can have dinner at Le Pascadou and go on to Circus Maximus for dancing. See you at 8! Bye."

Too late, I realized that our rendezvous was going to be much more complicated than Serena had imagined. The Three Thieves? Le Pescadou? Circus, for God's sake, Maximus? These are names from the past, nearly forgotten in Washington's ever-changing bar-disco-restaurant scene. The Three Thieves, for example, is now in its fifth incarbation.

How many other names lie buried in our municipal subconcious? For openers, as even non-poker players are fond of saying see how you do with these two list. Colunm A gives the name of current (at least, as of this writing) establishments in Washington; Column B lists the recently, and not-so-recently departed. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to match the quick with the dead. Column A A. Adriatico B. American Cafe C. Apana D. Au Pied de Cochon E. Babes F. Capricorn G. Court of the Mandarins H. El Palacio I. Golden Booeymonger J. Hunam K. Joe and Mo's L. Jour et Nuit M. La Fleur N. La Miche O. Le Bagatelle P. Le Duck Q. LeJardin R. L'Escargot S. Paragon Too T. Pierce Street Annex U. Pisces Club V. Tiffanne W. Viet Nam Georgetown Restaurant Column B 1. Bastile 2. Bixby's Warehouse 3. Black Olive 4. Blimpies 5. Broadcaster's Beef House 6. Chesapeake Inn 7. Chez Brown, West 8. Circus Maximus 9. France's 10. Gallotti's Italian Villa 12. Johnny's 13. Knife and Fork 14. Larry Brown's 15. Le Bistro 16. Le Club Zanzibar 17. Le Pescadou 18. Lehi Grill 19. Mykonos 20. Nathan's II 21. Parchey's 22. Pauvre Immigrant 23. Positano Ristorante 24. Pouget's 25. Sagittarius 26. Sundown 27. The Embers 28. The Golden Parrot 29. The Three Thieves 30. The Towers 31. Tinker's 32. Trudie's 33. Waikiki THE ANSWERS: A--5, B--4, C--19, D--18, E--8 and 1. F--10, G--13, H--15, I--25, 14 and 28. J--32, K--20, 12 and 2, L--9, M--7 and 30. N--23, O--21. P--17, Q--31, R--24, S--33, 11, 22 and 29. T--27. U--26 and 6. V--16. W--3.