Sen. Edward Kennedy was born Feb. 22, 1932, and has his sun in Pisces. He launched his presidential campaign by announcing his candidacy Nov. 7, at 10:43 a.m. in Boston. The chart cast for that time shows an astrological configuration that is called "void of course moon." A presence of a "void of course moon," or of another configuration called "void of course ascendant," indicates that a given project will not come to fruition because it will be aborted somewhere along the line. For example:

Sen. George McGovern was nominated by the Democratic Party on the void of course moon, and he called Sen. Thomas Eagleton with the offer to be his running mate on the void of course moon.

Former President Richard Nixon and former Vice President Spiro Agnew were nominated by the Republican Party in 1972 on the void of course ascendant (both charts), and the late President John Kennedy took the oath of office on the void of course ascendant.

It can be assumed that Teddy's candidacy will be aborted somewhere along the line. Either he will not get the nomination or if nominated, he will not be elected of if elected, he will not finish his term of office.

But since he is a presidential candidate, let's see what the chart says about the kind of man he is and what kind of president he will make.

The first thing that leaps to the fore in his chart are domineering authority figures who not only put on his shoulders responsibilities too great to bear, but also restrict development of his own personality by bending him out of shape and trying to make him into a man he is not.

All his life, the chart indicates, Teddy has been trying to escape this yoke, not always overtly, and Much of his behavior has been a mute cry to let him be what he wanted to be, namely, a light touch and fun and pleasure-loving boy.

Because his chart shows that he wants to shed the heavy burden of responsibility, I am sure that as president he would appoint excellent people to make decisions and to share the responsibility. He is aware he cannot do it alone.

The second thing that is prominent on the chart is his sun in Pisces, opposed by his moon in Virgo conjunction Neptune in Virgo. This configuration, and especially with its placement on his chart (eighth house to second), makes Teddy feel guilty all the time about his own riches and the poverty of others. He has, his chart indicates a great deal of unresolved conflict within himself about how much one should demand from oneself and how much from others? In relationships he swings from total independence to total dependence and he has difficulty with the concept of "share and share alike."

Such a chart makes one an out-and-out liberal. The combination of Piscean compassion, afflicted by Neptune (unreachable goals) and supercritical Virgo moon (directed at himself) makes a person give everything he possesses in a continuous self-flagellation, not because he is generous but because he needs to escape the guilt.

Finally, his chart shows Teddy as a man who is very insecure about himself and his physical appearance; a man who never felt attractive and needs reassurance no matter what the means. After narcissistic Jimmy we may get the opposite, a self-deprecating Teddy who feels guilty about being rich and successful and would love to give it all away.

My predictions:

Your chart does not look strong at the end of 1980 and into 1981, but I cannot say that you will not win. You might if you ran against someone with a chart weaker than yours. At the time of the convention, however, your chart is very highlighted and you may win the nomination. If Sen. Howard Baker is nominated you will be too -- for you are strongly linked, and karmically too. The link is such that one could say, "One man is the undoing of the other."

In the last days of December and first two weeks of January of 1980 you will reach some decisions concerning your wife. You may tentatively resume the relationship because she is showing the acceptance of many responsibilities (Saturn station on the karmic link that binds you together). This decision will be revised and made definite during the last days of August and the beginning of September 1980.

Guard yourself in May of 1980, especially from 4th to 14th. Something may happen that alters all of your plans and it is something totally outside of your control.

My advice:

Stop feeling so guilty about your personal relationships and about your money. Do not demand too much from others and in turn do not demand so much of yourself. Your over-idealized image of what you and what others should and must do is reserved only for angels.

Find the guts to defy openly and forthrightly an authority figure (your challenge to Jimmy is the beginning,) and once you do that you will never have another Chappaquidick. Try as much as you can to bring out the sunniness and artistic ability in your wife's chart. She has the nicest chart of all of the Kennedy women, but she desperately needs someone who loves her and can cheer her. She needs someone who can help her to throw off her own sense of guilt and her sense of inadequacy. Since your charts are quite similar in their afflictions, if you can help her, you indeed will be helping yourself.

NOTE: In the current Iran crisis the dates that will be quite climactic (and maybe quite pleasant) are from December 6 through 18th, the peak occuring from 7th to 12th, and again hitting the Khomeini chart until 22nd.