Robert Montogomery's pointers on memorizing:

Names : Ask for the correct spelling and pronunciation. Write it down. See it printed. Repeat the name aloud as you acknowledge the introduction. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Jones." Use the name during your conversation. "Where is your home, Mrs. Perkins?" Repeat the name to yourself silently.

Lists : Stack and link. Link items in a specific sequences so that they can be recalled consecutively. For picture-rhyme memorization, form mental pictures that substitue a different object for the one you want to remember. Memorize 5 rhyme words: 1, bun; 2, glue; 3, key; 4, store; 5, drive, and so one. For example: 1, bun -- for a reminder to pay a dentist $30, picture a pair of chattering false teeth with three $10 bills stuck in them. The teeth and money replace the beef patty in the hamburger bun. Absurdity insures recall. Use acronyms. For example, the letters in HOMES include the first letters for each of the Great Lakes.

Numbers : Group numbers. Use a different letter of the alphabet to represent the digits 0-9, 1, T; 2,N; 3, M; 4, R; 5, L; 6,J; 7,K; 8, F; 9, P; 0, Z. Then form words out of the letters. For example, the word Notion represents the New York City area code, when vowels are dropped -- NTN results, or 212.

For more information on memory-training and improvement: Robert L. Montgomery, 12313 Michelle Circle, Burnsville, Minn. 55337, 612-1348.