One of the things I enjoyed the most about the news shows on television is that you have to use your imagination when watching them.

I don't seem to react much when the newspaper correspondent is actually talking to somebody. But I jump out of my seat when the reporter has failed to interview the subject he has been assigned to.

More and more of this is going on now. You've probably seen it yourself, but haven't paid any attention to it.

"For the latest report on medical fraud in the United States let's go to Michael Mindlin in Thyroid, Long Island."

"Chester, I'm standing here in front of the $500,000 home of Dr. William Scapel, who made one hundred and fifty milion dollars from Medicaid this year by advising all his patients to go to a different physician for a second opinion. Dr. Scalpel is now in the house, presumably on the second floor, but he has refused to come out to talk to me. He arrived home at 7 o'clock and drove his Mercedes into these closed garage doors behind me. Then I knocked on the front door over here but no one answered. I went around the back and rang the kitchen dorrbell and he refused to respond to my rings. Neighbors have told me that Dr. Scapel will probably stay in his house all evening. This is Michael Mindlin reporting from Thyroid, Long Island."

"Good work, Michael, and now let's go to our White House Correspondent Janet Blonde."

"Chester, I'm standing here in front of the White House where Hamilton jordan has yet to make an appearance. This is the fifth day that Jordan has not come out to talk to reporters. A White House spokesman said Jordan is very busy working on the crisis in Iran and the economy. Just before I went on the air a black limousine pulled up to the driveway behind me, and two people carrying briefcases stepped out and went into the side door." $"Did you notice who they were Janet?"

"No I didn't, Chester, and the chaufeur refused to say who he worked for. Both men are still in the White House and have been there for over an hour."

"Thank you, Janet. We'll get back to you if they leave. Now let's go to an on-the-spot live report from Tom Stinch in front of New York Hospital." a

"Chester, it's all quiet at New York Hospital at this hour. The shah of Iran has been gone for a week, and hospital officials, who wouldn't let our cameras inside, say that it is now business as usual. An hour ago an ambulance brought in a lady who had broken her hip in the bathroom. I tried to speak to a nurse who treated the shah, but she sent word that she has been ordered not to talk to anybody about his stay there."

"Tom where are Henry Kissinger and David Rockfeller at this moment?"

That's the interesting thing, Chester, Kissinger is out lecturing and David Rockfeller's office said that he had gone to the opera with his wife."

"Well that puts a whole new light on the problem doesn't it, Tom?"

"Yes it does, Chester. If anything develops I'll let you know."

"Thank you. Now we will go to Nancy Dunsmore at the Supreme Court."

"Chester, I standing in a pay phone booth blocks from the Supreme Court and have been trying to call Chief Justice Barger to get him to comment on Bob Woodward's book revealing intimate details on how the Justices operate. He hasn't returned my calls for three days."

"Why don't you try once more, Nancy?"

"All right. I'm putting twenty cents in and I am now dialing the number. It's ringing. Hello, this is Nancy Dunsmore from station WDFC. May I speak to the Chief Justice? He's in a meeting? Thank you very much. Chester, he's in a meeting."

"Don't run out of dimes, Nancy. And now let's go to Al Kilduff at Red Coach Inn in Detroit where Jimmy Hoffa hasn't been seen for four years."