Unless you live in a cave, it's hardly news that food prices have rocketed at a time when inflation is nibbling up the buying power of those hard-earned dollars. Here are a couple freebies that may help keep you fed a bit better and cheaper this month.

The General Mills Consumer Center (Box 6, Department 880, Minneapolis 55460) offers readers a free copy of "Your Incredible Food Dollar," which gives shopping tips and money-saving recipes. These are hints on how to be a wise shopper when buying meats, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and grain products. Your body needs only about six ounces of meat a day and since this is among the most expensive commodities at the market, a bit of thought can result in significant savings.

The booklet has some super recipes, like chicken fricassee with herb dumplings, country lentil soup and Mexican fiesta casserole.

Speaking of watching those food dollars, don't miss a chance to pick up a free copy of "Tuna Your Style," which is available by sending a postcard request to Castle & Cooke Foods, Department TY-FB, Box 7758, San Francisco 94119.

"Tuna Your Style" has 16 recipes for making that fantastic fish into a main meal. Our favorites include super souffle, Middle Eastern tuna pockets and tuna fettucine.

With these two freebies in hand, you're well on your way to beating the high cost of eating.