George Bush was born June 6, 1924, and has his sun in Gemini. He announced his candidacy for president May 1 and both charts -- his natal chart and the chart cast for the time of his announcement -- look very good. His natal chart is not only well aspected but, even more important, these aspects are gaining in strength with the passage of time. What a far cry from the chart of John Connally, for example, which was extremely well aspected at the beginning of 1979, but has peaked and is now wanting, putting his chart out of the running.

The aspects give Bush a strong possibility of getting on the ticket. Let's see what the charts say about what kind of a man he is.

George Bush has Virgo rising -- the sign on his Ascendant. Mercury, the planet of mind, is the ruler Virgo and in Bush's chart is the most elevated planet because it is in the 10th house, the house of his career and his aspirations. Bush considers intellect to be his most important trait and would like to be admired for it. The aspects to his Mercury indicate great intelligence and some intellectual unorthodoxy within a stubborn frame of mind. He would hold fast to his principles while being able to innovate. As president he would conservative but willing to innovate.

There is a great deal of mental and physical stamina. His grand trine of Sun, Mars and Saturn makes him an untiring worker and excellent organizer. His staff must know there is "no rest for the weary" and as president Bush would be a veritable workoholic.

Since his grand trine involves his 9th house -- the house of foreign affairs -- and because George Bush is excellent on working behind the scenes -- even better, the chart says, than in front -- he would, as president, be very capable in foreign affairs. His chart is much better aspected in this area than President Carter's, for example.

The chart indicates an honest man. Lies are beneath his intellectual integrity. He probably feels that an intelligent person has the ability to get out of any mess without stooping to lies.

His dealings with individuals or nations would be forthright, but never naive. Intellectually he could probably run circles around them, especially since his chart shows him to be quite intuitive about people, but secretive nonetheless.

Despite all these virtues his chart is strangely impersonal. It indicates an individual whose mind is very strong, but whose emotions are weak and subdued. If feelings ever raise their heads they are immediately put down as "unseemly behavior."

George Bush is a man of reason, and the reason governs everything. Not that he does not have heart -- he does. He is kind and gentle and more than willing to help. He would always come to a friend's rescue and try to solve his problems. But it would be intellectual help, not emotional.

We often want empathy. So it is this intellectual detachment and coolness in his chart that makes it difficult for Bush to make contact with the average voter, a voter who wants to feel that he is choosing not only a man who can find solutions, but one who can really understand how this voters feels and empathize with his miseries.

My Predictions:

The chart is well aspected and gaining in strength, therefore you are approaching the convention in very good shape. Because your chart is well balanced and never goes to extremes, you match well with the charts of Reagan, Baker, Anderson and even Connally. You could run with any these men and feel comfortable and they would also be comfortable to give their delegates to you.

In comparison to the charts of all other candidates (except Anderson, whose chart I am now doing) yours and Sen. Baker's are the most strongly aspected.

Yet, I have certain reservations about your winning because your wife's chart is very weakly aspected, which is unusual for the wife of a presidential or vice-presidential candidate. Unless, of course, he will hardly take part in the campaign.

My Advice:

None. You are what you are and the chart is totally integrated. So are you. To alter in any way is to change to something else.

All your life you will accrue the advantages of what you are, and the disadvantages also. Your intellectual detachment and intellectual capacity are so strong that feelings are relegated to an insignificant standing. To try to bring them more into the fore puts stress on the chart, because in your chart they diminish your intellectual strength instead of balancing or enhancing it.

So stay the way you are, and a place on the ticket is a strong possibility.