Rosalynn Carter said yesterday, at the unveiling of the White House Christmas tree, that the First Family doesn't expect to cancel Christmas because of the Iranian crisis.

"Christmas is coming despite everything," she said. "Christmas is still Jesus' birthday, a time when we give thanks. Our parties won't be as loud and boisterous this year, but we are still going ahead with our plans."

Mrs. Carter said she and the president had planned to spend Christmas with the rest of the family in Plains. "He can relax better there. Here everybody calls him all the time. They're more hesitant to bother him at Plains. But I don't know if we'll be able to get away for Christmas. I'm just living from day to day."

The president did take time to look at the tree yesterday, Mrs. Carter said. The tree decorations of balsa wood and fabric, with ceramic impressions of presents underneath, were made at the Corcoran School of Art, under the direction of Peter Thomas. Bill Christenberry, Rona Slade and Robert Epstein supervised the student artists. Atop the tree is a gold eagle in a circle, embroidered by Elizabeth Bolte.

The White House gingerbread house was made by chef Hans Raffert. "It has solar collector windows" (made of aluminum foil), he said, and a mailbox that reads "Amy."