Lt. Col. (USA ret.) Stuart Parker Dillon, accompanied by his wife Virginia, was honored on the occasion of his eightieth birthday at a dinner party given by his family in the Terrace Room of the Springfield Hilton over the Thanksgiving holidays. Col. Dillon was born on November 29 in Mount Pleasant, Pa. and was married to the late Emily Ann Dillon.

The family gathered at his home for a cocktail party and a showing of movies of the eighty-fifth birthday dinner of his father, James Dillon, at the Country Club of Connellsville, Pa. in 1948. Col. Dillon was presented with a boutonniere by his granddaughter, Mrs. Thomas Robert Martin (Cherylen) and a cimbidium orchid was given to Mrs. Dillon by their oldest grandson, Gregory Allan Martin. Col. Dillion's nephew, David R. Jones, gave the Blessing and after dinner a toast was proposed by his son, Stuart Clifford Dillon. Eighty candles glowed on the beautifully decorated cake as the company sang "Happy Birthday," after which Mrs. Allen Edward Martin (Vivian), Col. Dillion's daughter, and Stuart Clifford Dillon represented the immediate family by giving him a gold penknife and chain. Other gifts were presented and cards read aloud by the honored guest.

The next morning the family gathered in Col. and Mrs. Dillon's home for brunch to celebrate the birthday of Col. Dillon's sister, Mrs. George E. Dull.

Guests attending all festivities were: Mr. and Mrs. Allan Edward Martin, Springfield, Va.; Gregory A. Martin; Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Martin, Buckhannon, W.Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Clifford Dillon, Annandale, Va. and their sons Brent S. Dillon and Jason C. Dillon; Dr. and Mrs. George E. Dull, Connellsville, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dull, Jr., Monroeville, Pa., Robert Dull, DuBois, Pa., Patricia Malcarne, DuBois; Mr. and Mrs. David R. Jones, Montclair, N.J., and their daughter, Miss Elizabeth Jones; Mrs. Clarence Siegfried, Allentown, Pa. Family members unable to attend were Dr. and Mrs. Ned Culler, Col. Dillon's other sister; Mr. and Mrs. George Stadtler, Cassandra, James, and Matthews Stadtler, and Mr. and Mrs. James Culler -- all of Pasadena, Calif.