Bolshoi Ballet defector Alexander Godunov has parted company with his manager and press agent of a few months and is expected to sign this weekend with a leading London-based manager, Sander A. Gorlinsky, according to reliable sources.

If Godunov reaches agreement with Gorlinsky, who is known as "king of the defectors," the dancer is expected to perform in Europe within the next two weeks. Gorlinsky also manages Rudolf Nureyev and Natalia Makaroya.

Godunov's former manager, Edgar Vincent, said yesterday he had split with the dancer because "we do not agree any more on the course of his career." Godunov could not be reached for comment, but the dancer's lawyer, Orville H. Schell, confirmed Vincent's statement.

Gordunov has not performed in public since his defection last August, but he has danced in a pas de deux recorded and intended for future television broadcast.

Asked who is managing Godunov right now, Schell said: "I suppose at the moment I am, and God knows, I'm a lousy manager."

The termination of the manager-dancer arrangement was a mutual decision, Vincent said. The attorney agreed, but stated that "I would say it was Godunov who initiated it."

Vincent, who had never previously managed a ballet dancer, is the eminent press agent and "personal representative" of many famous opera and classical music performers. He is also the press agent for Mikhail Baryshnikov.

From interviews with Vincent and Schell it was clear that there were disagreements between the dancer and his former manager over guest engagements offered to or desired by Godunov.

Godunov has made oral commitments for a number of American appearances, according to Vincent, but has failed to sign contracts. Vincent said that Godunov's "obligations to other people which I negotiated in good faith" still have to be resolved.

Asked about rumors that he had not informed Godunov of all performance offers, Vincent replied, "I have withheld nothing from him and offered him many engagements which he didn't take. I practically offered him every company in the world and he turned them down."

Godunov's attorney, asked the same question, said: "The inescapable conclusion is that (Godunov) turned them down. He certainly has been a difficult client."

Godunov had been scheduled to make his postdefection live performance debut with the American Ballet Theater at the Kennedy Center on Dec. 7, but resigned from ABT after a labor dispute erupted between management and dancers. The ABT season at the Kennedy Center was subsequently canceled.

T the time of his resignation Godunov said he felt his allegedly substantial compensation arrangement with ABT had become an issue in the labor dispute and that his resignation was intended to remove that issue.