Rep. John B. Anderson (R.Ill.) was born Feb. 15, 1922, and has his sun in Aquarius. He announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States June 8, 1979. Both charts (his natal chart and the chart cast for the moment of his announcement) indicate that if this were a beauty contest he would be the first runner-up. The aspects are such that I cannot put him on the ticket, yet I cannot dismiss his completely.

In fact, Congressman Anderson's chart gives me another clue that 1980 might be a strange election year. It looks as if both the Republican and Democratic conventions might have to reconvene (if they open on the days and places already indicated).

Since I cannot take him out of the spotlight that the transiting planets focus on him in 1981 and beyond, let's see what kind of man he is.

Congressman Anderson is a double Libra (his ascendant and his moon both in Libra). In addition, he has Saturn and Jupiter in Libra, all of them trining his sun, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. This particular configuration on his chart makes him an out and out idealist, and the lack of earth planets makes his idealism override pragmatic considerations.

His chart indicates an extremely ethical man who continuously seeks balance, equality, self-reliance and independence. His chart is almost a personification of the principles of this country's constitution and its Bill of Rights. His chart shows that he would never compromise his ethical standards nor would he want others to compromise theirs.

It shows a man who does not like to fight or have confrontations. But in a crunch, after having exhausted peaceful avenues, he will stand up and fight to the death. But much water would have to pass under the bridge before this fighting spirit would erupt.

This man, his chart indicates, feels and feels deeply. There is a great deal of emotional pain on this chart, but in contrast to George Bush's where feelings put stress on the chart and do not enhance all other abilities, in Congressman Anderson's chart this emotional pain has been incorporated and translated into legislative energy. His career is, indeed, his life.

The chart shows him to be extremely intelligent and very perceptive, a fine organizer and an excellent "trouble shooter." His chart simply exudes good will toward others and he will always give the other person the benefit of doubt. He is very idealistic without being naive or simplistic. Frankly, it is rather an unusual chart for a politician because there is not much ego involvement.

His chart indicates he is running because of his idealism, his belief in the betterment of the world, his unshakable faith that people can be uplifted and that one can appeal to the better instincts of men.

If he were to be president, the chart shows him to be the kind of man who would try to help people live up to their highest standards and to the Constitution of the United States, by setting an example with his own life, rather than by moralizing and preaching. He is not a preacher, he is a teacher.

In fact, there is certainly a quality of the guru on that chart, not only because of his idealism and his ethical standards, but also by almost complete absence of any desire to project his own ego. He is self-effacing and perfectly willing to take second, third or even tenth place.

But this effacement of self is a factor that does not enhance his chances, for no one can see your light if you hide it under a bush (play on words not intended).

My predictions:

As I said, I see you as a runner-up. I do not see you nominated. Yet I cannot take you out of the spotlight in 1981, not even at the end of 1980. You either play a very strong role in the nominating process or in the campaign. Or if the convention has to reconvene -- then the spotlight is on you.

There is also a strong possibility that since you will not be running for re-election this limelight may indicate a cabinet post.

With your chart that personifies the idealism of our constitution I would put you in the post of UN ambassador or at the head of the Justice Department, not as the prosecuting policeman, but in the role of upholder of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

My advice:

None. I could say be more bold, less self-effacing, but it would go totally against your nature, so I shall not. The job that you would have been best suited for, with your supreme sense of ethics and personification of the ideals that this country stands for, would have been Supreme Court appointment. UN ambassadorship would be fine also.

In the last column there appeared a typing mistake: George Bush was born on June 12, not June 6. The column however was based on the correct chart, cast for June 12, 1924.