Ronald Reagon was born Feb. 6, 1911, and his sun in Aquarius. He announced his candidacy for the president of the United States on Nov. 13, and neither of his charts -- including his natal chart cast for the moment of his announcement -- looks promising.

First of all, Ronald Reagan announced himself under Mercury retrograde. (Retrograde Mercury is a definition for an apparent movement of this planet in relation to other planets.) This phenomenon occures three times a year and lasts three weeks. It is axiomatic in astrology that one should never begin anything during such a period, because for some unknown reason, the end result never seems to be the one that was intended.

Even though retrograde Mercury is not as deadly an aspect as some others, beginning a campaign at that time does not bode very well for the candidate. For example, if you launch your campaign under "void of course moon," or "void of course ascendant" it is deadly. Like a newly launched ship, it will sink, either immediately or shortly after it hits the water. (McGovern's campaign and Teddy's campaign were launched on void of course moon. Jimmy Carter's announcement was made on void of course ascendant).

Even though the ship launched under retrograde Mercury fares slightly better since it will not sink, still it will be fuffeted by winds, will change or lose direction, and may have to come back to port for repairs. This might be the course of Ronald Reagan's campaign.

His natal chart, while indicating a very nice person, is not that well aspected at the present, either. Ronald Reagan has six planets in earth, with four fixed and four cardinal planets. This makes him a very pragmatic man, also very stubborn. His chart indicates a conservative man but not as strongly conservative as he has been depicted. The aspects of his moon and Jupiter give some mellowness to his fixity, while the number of his cardinal and fixed planets indicate he tries to solve problems by both entrenchment and action. There is a cetain rebelliousness on the chart and a strong dash of innovative thinking. As the president he would be conservative but not as much as people may think.

This feeling of having to play a certain role is strongly accentuated at the present. The chart does indicates neither an overriding ambition, nor a tremendous desire for power. It rather depicts a very nice man who likes people, who is very loyal to his friends and who would try to accomodate them to the best of his ability even if his heart was not totally in it.

I do not mean to imply that his liking for people would make him do everything they would want him to do, but as long as their demands do not infringe on his principles, he would try to go along if without much enthusiasm on his part.

His Mars-Saturn trine give him a tremendous physical stamina, and with his Venus aspecting both planets, a great deal of charm, youthfulness and sex appeal. His Mercury configurations make him witty and fond of quips. I am sure the many one-liners he peppers his speeches with he might have written himself. It is a nice chart of a nice man who, if he were to be a president, would surprise many people by moving much closer to the center and by showing great compassion for poor and underprivileged. But this compassion would manifest itself in very pragmatic plans and he would search for long term resolutions rather than quick solutions.

As I said before I see you coming to the convention more as a kingmaker than a king. If you are not nominated on the first ballot (and I doubt that you will be) then you definitely are the one who chooses the nominee. And frankly, judging from your chart, I think that you will be greatly relieved if this happens. Your chart does not indicate a wholehearted enthusiasm for the presidency. It is not you physical energy that is low -- but rather a certain realistic weariness. I think you would be perfectly happy to give your crown and sceptre to someone else, annoint them, campaign for them and then go back and enjoy other things in life. With your strong sense of duty and responsibility it seems you are running more becuase it has been expected of you rather than because you are red hot and raring to go.

I wish you would not fight for the place on the ticket too much, because if you get the nomination this achievement goes against the grain of the chart and against your grain. While many people may be disappointed if you choose someone else you will be much freer and happier. Your chart is not strongly energized through 1980 and 1981, and running will be more difficult than you expect, not because of your age, but because you do not desire this as much as used to. If you are nominated and are running, then watch your health in the fall of 1980.

Another period of Mercury retrograde will begin Feb. 25 and last until March 19.