As 1980 dawns we'd better brace ourselves solidly to meet some strange and unusual times.

This will be a year in which the trends will be set for decades to come, both in the world generally and in the lives of most individuals; a year of shortages of material things; but a year that could provide the national and individual strength for a new birth of freedom.

All things in 1980 build toward its last day, December 31, when -- at 4:18 p.m. EST -- the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 1961 takes place. It's a time when changes will be made by, perhaps forced upon, this nation, a time of destiny -- a time of long-lasting decisions, like those of 1961, when we were being drawn closer to involvement in Southeast Asia. Again, as then, it's unlikely to offer us any single dramatic event to point to.

As we move toward this conjunction, military activity can become part of our life gain. Triggered by further attempts at international blackmail, sabotage and global military activity, we could see the revival of the draft here and even the possibility of a return to a war footing with a declaration of emergency by the president.

Early on we should be prepared for serious border problems in Europe. We should be prepared for a wave of hawkish nationalism to sweep Africa, complete with military coups ousting moderate leaders, terroist banks holding cities at bay and uninvolved neighbors forced to take sides.

Unfooled, nature could step in to cause its own type of problem. Early in the year there are a couple of days just right for earthquake and/or volcanic activity. Winter, although not as bitter cold as some past, could be deeper and longer lasting.

As the year moves toward December 31, we'll see some strange mixtures of "some good news . . . and some bad news." For instances, look for another huge, important oil discovery in Alaska, and an enormous oilspill off the Alaskan coast. We see the nation more unified than in dozens of years, but only after the expenditure of lives and pride. We see the space program suddenly out of mothballs and its technology and hardware being used to prepare to hoist energy statellites into orbit around the earth. Yet, we could be very dismayed to learnthat these stations could be armed with sophisticated weapons and make a mockery of any treaties we might have signed.

There is no question that the United' States is entering a period, at least for 1980, of interdependence with other nations and allies. It almost reaches the hat-in-hand stage as we seek, (and gain) the support from our friends that we need. We will strive for moral and financial aid as oil and gold go up and the American dollar goes down.

1980 is not the time for the faint-hearted to dabble in the stock market. Speculators will find the market leaping from peaks to valleys. This will serve to drive out the unstable money and firm the market with an influx of long-term investors.

Yet as we move toward that special time at the end of the year, we will see a steadying influence come upon us. We should experience a turnaround, with production up and inflation eased. The concept of a Manhattan Project-like effort in the field of energy will reestablish national goals and pride.

This will be a year in which the arts will flourish. Not only will there be advances later in the year as the conjunction approaches, but the experimentation in music, painting and all personal creative works will become recognized as a reason for national esteem. It will again be an honor to be a poet.

As the year develops, despite the dangers, disasters and fears, things get better. Science, technology, and all of the arts can make strides reminiscent of the Renaissance.

So we should keeps our wits, muddle through where we have to, stride ahead where we can and leap into the 80's

Here's a sign-by-sign run-down: ARIES -- March 21 to Arpril 19. Use your inherent initiative, you independent Arians, 1980 will buzz right along for you. This will be a year to be conservative in your job.Do the "nose-to-the-grindstone" thing early in the year and the latter part will be easier. The summer should be a great time for travel, romance and enjoyment after the nagging, although minor, vexations of the spring. There will be intellectual challenges in the fall, so you will have to end the year thinking clearly. A good year -- just hold in to the reins. TAURUS -- April 20 to May 20. Hey, noble Taurian, look up: 1980 should be passing fair for you. During the first part of the year you'll feel you're surrounded by nincompoops at work, so keep that famous restraint you have going. Your social relationships should be pretty good.

The hot months are the time for you to get hot on a business deal of long standing and make some money. Travel may well be involved in this, so don't hesitate to move. Don't confide too much in others; use your own good judgement. Shake off those who call you "plodder," and the fall brings recognition in your chosen field. End the year by concentrating on some innovation.

Remember that Venus, that sometimes overindulgent Venus is your ruling planet. So watch yourself all year -- don't overeat or drink too much. GEMINI -- May 21 to June 21. This is a year for you dual-minded Geminis to bring the serious side of your nature to the fore. This is a time for you to build new concepts, new ideas, a new image and, if posible, a new identity.

It will be tough, but if you impress people with seriousness and practicality it will help you in career matters. Never lose that versatility you have, but keep it in check.

By summer, begin to move out of the conservatism, but slowly . Don't overextend or overeat. A midsummer romance is in order, but the days grow short in November, so be prepared to back away.

By year's end, all this mental and physical discipline will pay off. CANCER -- June 22 to July 21. The early part of the year is sluggish for you with just enough happening to keep up your interest in financial and career matters. But don't be bored; be your tenaciou self and look for bright ideas in unlikely people.

During the summer, a local political hassle is in the offing. You could be drawn into it deeper than you want to be, so be careful. You will need your neighbors later in the year; don't alienate them.

By year's end you should be able to think clearly and conservatively and avoid any speculative financial deal, especially if it's offered by a relative.

Ponder your health seriously and, above all, don't try to duck a medical issue. LEO -- July 22 to August 21. The problem for you, mighty Leo, is that during the first part of the year you have got to get organized. You are into something that could make you a ton of money, with seemingly little effort; yet your little effort could blow the entire deal. Concentrate.

The same is true for social relationships throughout the year. People like you and want to be around you, and all sorts of romantic pictures are drawn. Yet you want to remain aloof and superior, and this can turn people away.

Help some younger person with a career matter and at the same time listen to the voices of the young. They can help you realign your inherently superior nature.

The year's end brings serious intellectual decisions. People who have been hurt by ucontrollable forces will look to you for leadership and comfort.

If you fail them you fail yourself. VIRGO -- August 22 to Sepetember 22. You discriminating Virgos must be just that to have your full measure of success in 1980. During the first part of the year you must be discriminatng in health matters. Your diet is improtant. You should stick with natural foods and avoid the junk. Remember, too, that mental fatigue can sometimes be more harmful than physical ailments, so don't worry needlessly.

The summer brings confusion in financial matters as well as social relationships. Unattached Virgos, can, if they choose, work out a lasting romance with someone who is thinking clearly and serves as an adviser.

The last part of the year is a mixed bag that calls for your best analytical judgment. You must avoid appearing pompous and dogmatic, especially to those younger. On the other hand, be sure that you treat those older than you with courtesy and respect.

Avoid quick deals and a quick tongue.

The final days on 1980 may be the best in years for you. Prepare for them.

LIBRA -- Septemer 23 to October 22. In a year of widely swinging pendulums, you Libras may have some trouble with your equilibrium.

The scales of your life have trouble staying in balance during the first part of 1980. You must be sure to make the most of the upswings and handle the downturns with a level head.

Use the early period to question, to stabilize and to prepare. Your biggest problem at work will be with those who feel you are uninterested; be enthusiastic and gain a promotion. Romance can be strained by sharp words or mistaken meanings; be gentle and understanding. Your finances can be hurt by those who think you are fuzzy-brained; be firm and make a bundle.

All this to prepare you for fine times by year's end. New projects, new friends and the best of old familiar things unite for an upswing in your life. SCORPIO -- October 23 to November 21. If you think you've been busy lately, and need a rest after 1979's activities, forget it. Most of 1980 is going to be busy, busy, busy for you loyal Scorpios.

Try not to be frivolous during the first part of the year, since this can cause problems in your romantic life. The success of social relationships depends on your strenght and character. Make your own decisions without involving a romantic partner.

As those warm breezy days you enjoy so much arrive, so will easier days. Spring and summer bring a respite for the turmoil and allow you to make quiet progress in all phases of your life.

Keep your summer vacations short so you have lots of time to devote to your career -- you need to. Don't blow a good job by being lazy.

By year's end resolve not to meddle in things that aren't your business. Check your loyalties carefully. This might be the time for some changes.

Set your goals high for the decades to come. SAGITTARIUS -- November 22 to December 21. You lucky Sagittarians!You are perhaps the luckiest of all. Your super bodies are more resistant to disease and your super minds to dumb ideas.

These, then, must be your watchwords for the new year. There is danger that you will resist the fact that you're overdoing physically. Too much food and drink -- too many excesses. You must use moderation or find yourself flat on your back.

In your career, you must avoid being too resilient. You must strive for a more positive attitude and singleness of purpose. You must convince the world you are a leader and good at your job. Else you lose it.

The end of the year presages a more normal time -- if you keep your head together. Your physical health and spirits alike rise. Schedule time to think and make long-range plans. Aim your arrows high, the best is yet to come. CAPRICORN -- December 22 to January 20. Now is the hour, Capricorn, for decision. For you, the good of 1980 will definitely out-weigh the bad.

The decision you must make is to move out of a rut. Don't be compulsive, but if you think in terms of the new, different and perpaps even the scientific, you can increase your financial holdings.

The same is true of your physical health. You must get away from old habits, improve your diet, change your exercise program and perphaps even try a new medical adviser.

While this is not the best year for the travel you love so much, it is the time for study. A new direction in education can give you great peace of mind. This is a time to learn and perhaps to lecture.

Good friends will want to help you over a period of troubled romance. Let them.

At year's end you will feel strong and confident. Keep it up. It's a fine trend to set for 1980. AQUARIUS -- January 21 to February 19. At last! The dawning of the days of Aquarius.

This means that you Aquarians must set the trends not only for yourself but for the rest of the world as well. The challenges will be great, the responsibilities heavy and the rewards golden.

At the start of 1980 you seem to be on somewhat unsteady ground. Listen to friends' advice on financial matters; they'll help. At the same time, your social relationships seem skittish. Come back to reality with those you love. Help htem and keep them calm.

Calm is important as you avoid a romantic explosion late in the year. Deal with it correctly for long-lastin peace. Deal with it badly and the dust will never settle.

Check out new medical discoveries. There are things afoot that could mean a longer life for you. Remember that you have within you the warmth the world needs. Think long and hard about the future -- after all, it's yours. PISCES -- February 20 to March 20. Perhaps more than anyone on the zodiacal charts, Piscians must spend 1980 being thoughtful, conservative and introspective.

As always, you are in tune with the vibrations and auras of those around you. Be careful, especially early in the year, that you don't become so involved with others' problems that you are infected by their ills.

Most of all you need to learn how to take care of yourself. You must overcome mentally distressing situations and plan some relaxing trends for yourself.

To advance in your job you'll need help. This is a good year for partnerships and for you to keep communications lines open in the business world. Use your imagination and your creativity.

As you prepare for the new decade, don't get involved with a wild-eyed romantic fling. Don't let your compassion be misunderstood.

Be of service to the world and the world will serve you well.