Vacationing over New Year's on Lyford Cay in the Bahamas, former secretary of state Henry Kissinger was strolling on the beach when two adoring fans popped out from behind palm trees as nude as Playboy centerfolds. a

The girls were each carrying copies of Kissinger's memoirs, which they hoped he would autograph.

The ploy worked. It's almost impossible not to be stopped still in your tracks by that kind of surprise.

The next day, same time, same place, it happened again. Different girl, but she got an autograph, too.

Kissinger and his wife Nancy were in the Bahamas as the guests of CBS board chairman William Paley.

Paley wasn't walking with Kissinger either time the nude sunbathers accosted him. But both men have been regaling their friends with the story.

Like a lot of other smart-money men, Frank Sinatra has been putting his money into gold and jewels.

He has been investing for years in jewel-encrusted Faberge boxes, made for the czarist family of Imperial Russia.

According to Los Angeles and Palm Springs jeweler Sol Laykin, who sold the entertainer one tiny box worth $75,000, Sinatra now has couple of dozen as fine as in any museum collection in the world.

Laykin is court-jeweler to the Sinatra family. Business has been booming since Sinatra's new marriage to the forma Barbara Marx.

She got a fitted 24-karat evening bag with diamond clasp for her anniversary and a gold chain encrusted with "daytime size" rubies and diamonds for her birthday.

Not everything in Barbara Sinatra's safe came from Laykin, however. He didn't design the $100,000 pearl necklace she wore to the Dec. 12 salute to her husband at Caesar's Palace.

Laykin says he sent a similar necklace for her approval. But she sent it back. Her husband had bought one someplace else and teasingly refused to tell Laykin who his competition is.

Laykin did work on the necklace, however, along with valuable pearl earrings which Barbara Sinatra wanted restyled and lengthened.

Sinatra's gift-giving Santa Claus complex is legendary.

He loves giving presents all year long, and every yuletide, his list for little engraved gold and platinum trinkets for his friends is a long one.

But not all his friends and acquaintances got something for the safety desposit boxes this year. A few got boxes of saltwater taffy from Atlantic City. Only the card was engraved.