I would be happier if I could say even though 1980 began on a very ominous note, the situation will improve. Unfortunately, I cannot say this since the chart of President Carter, as well as the charts of many foreign heads of state (Margaret Thatcher, President Giscard d'Estaing, Brezhnev, Begin, Sadat, etc.) are very badly aspected right now, by planet Uranus, their degree of stress augmented or lessened by the weakness or strength in their natal charts. The United States chart is also badly aspected even though the stress on it comes from different planets. (Yes, one can make charts for countries and ours is cast for the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, at 2:17 a.m. in Philadelphia, Pa.)

These stressful aspects on the charts of Jimmy Carter and of other foreign heads of state are caused by the planet Uranus that enters the 25th degree of Scorpio Jan. 24 and will remain in that degree until April 6. It will return to that degree Nov. 4 (election day), remaining there until Nov. 20 and will repeat this passage for the third time in 1981.

This degree is exactly opposite the position of the fateful and fatal fixed star Algol (25 degrees of Taurus), and the planet Uranus stationing on that degree of violence causes sudden attacks, revolutionary movements, unexpected eruptions and wars. Uranus was on that degree (25 degrees of Taurus) when World War II began.

The charts of Jimmy Carter and of other heads of state are affected by that position of Uranus because they all have major planets on their natal charts bombarded by this station of Uranus (either by square, opposition or conjunction). For example, Jimmy Carter has his Mars (war planet) on 26 Aquarius, Indira Gandhi has her Sun on 26 Scorpio, Khomeini has his Sun on 26 Taurus, the shah has his south node on 26 Taurus (their Karmic link), President Giscard has Saturn on 25 Scorpio, Brezhnev has his progressed Saturn on 25 Taurus, etc.

It is primarily the planet Uranus that influences this international crisis.

Here's what might happen:

I expected the ayatollah and his government to fall within one year from the day of his arrival in Tehran (Feb. 1, 1979). I expected, and still do, Iran to fall from within the crucial time for it marked by the entry of Uranus into that 25th degree. This position puts the ayatollah (and the shah) into mortal danger. The ayatollah has announced that as of yesterday he will make no public appearances for two weeks. I could suggest that he should retire for the next eight weeks and hide under the bed. However, under such a planetary pressure even that would not provide safety, for Uranus just might make the bed collapse.

Since Uranus is a veritable anathema to any diplomacy I don't expect any diplomatic measures to have any effect. I believe the fate of the hostages is tied up with that of the ayatollah and of Iran and not with the fate of their captors (any new thinking from the White House not withstanding). I have said the ayatollah and the shah were engaged in mortal struggle with the ayatollah relentlessly pursuing his single desire: to have the shah broken and dead. I believe the fate of Iran and its people is completely secondary to the ayatollah's compulsive obsession with his goal of death to the shah and I do not expect him to relinquish it, even if the country collapses at his feet.

Unless the ayatollah is overthrown or dies, or unless Iran collapses from within, I do not expect any changes in the situation.

It has been said Carter is considering a naval blockade of Iran very soon. I hope he instigates it before 1:24 p.m. Jan. 16. At that time planet Mars turns retrograde and it is a dictum in astrology that one should not begin wars or love affairs on retrograde Mars, for the aggressor will leave the conflict the same way, or worse, as he entered. For example, Napoleon went into Russia under retrograde Mars and President Lyndon Johnson went into Vietnam under the same aspect. The results are history.

Mars begins retrograde movement on Jan. 16 and will continue until April 6 at 3:27 a.m. Since this position is deadly to all new love affairs I would also advise everyone that if they run across the love of their lives and want the relationship to last they must refrain from intimacy until April 6.

As for the situation in Afghanistan, with Uranus traveling back and forth on this fateful and fatal degree the crisis widens, not only with Russia. The newest addition is India with the chart of Indira Gandhi strongly involved with the chart of the United States, with Khomeini's the shah's, Brezhnev's and with Carter's. Since both Gandhi's and Brezhnev's natal charts are much stronger than Carter's they can make formidable opponents.

In astrology there is little question of good will toward your opponent. It is simply a question of relative strngth of each chart (and thus each person) and of good and bad timing. I am sure Ho Chi Minh knew from his astrologers that he would beat Johnson not only because Johnson went into Vietnam on retrograde Mars but also because Ho Chi Minh's chart was much stronger and better aspected than Johnson's chart.

I do not expect a third world war to erupt in 1980, but the stage is being set and I expect more and more crises as the year progresses.