To get appointed to serve on a board or commission or to get a job which is subject to appointment by a politician, The D.C. Women's Political Caucus suggests following this checklist:

Get details on the position. Determine the responsiblities and qualifications. Find out how many slots are open and when they will be filled. Can you afford to take the job? Does it pay? How much time does it require?

Assess your chances. What is your relationship to the person or persons who will decide the appointment? Who is your competition? What is your constituency and who will support you?

Write a special resume. What special experience and qualifications do you have? Give volunteer jobs full weight. What political work have you done and what organizations do you belong to?

Cash in on all favors owed you by organizations and individuals. Can you get support from elected officials, their staff, school board members, political parties and special-interest groups?

Attract the appointer(s)' attention. Get all groups and individuals who support you to send letters and telegrams and make phone calls to the appointer(s). Circulate petitions to citizens and organizations who support your candidacy. Use the media to bring your name and face before the appointer(s) by speaking out publically on issues relating to the job you wish to get.

Thank your constituency. Whether you win or lose, thank every individual and organization who supported you. If you won, you will want their continued support and advice. If you lost, maintain your ties with supporters for your next attempt.