Among the many letters sent to me to express ardent agreement that we should boycott the Moscow Olympic Games was one from Jose G. Roig.

Roig signs himself, "member, The National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile, Inc. (Miami), Washington area correspondent for WRHC and Ideal Magazine (Cuban media, Miami)."

Senor Roig thinks even less of Communists than I do. He has better reason to dislike them.

Roig wrote, "As you know, I arrived at the shores of this great country as a political refugee from Cuba because, as you fitly said, 'the bad breath of the Russian bear' was also on my neck.

"Castro, as a Soviet surrogate, is also guilty of the same charges you leveled against the Russian bear.

"His troops have murdered (and are still murdering) people in Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique and some other African countries, and are known to be stationed in several countries of the Middle East, as well as Grenada, Jamaica, Guyana and Nicaragua in this hemisphere.

"He has committed virtual genocide against his own people, not only sending tens of thousands to the firing squads, many without trials, but also machine-gunning more thousands who tried to escape through the Straits of Florida, that have been renamed the Straits of Death.

"The latest incident occurred when the Coast Guard found a body off Miami Beach floating on a flimsy raft made with two truck tire tubes and several pieces of canvas. The body could be identified only by tattoos. A second man, who had set out with the first, was never found.

"During the time the body remained unidentified, Cuban organizations in Miami sponsored the erection of a monument to "The Unknown Cuban.' It shall stand in memory of all Cubans who have lost their lives while trying to reach the U.S. through the Straits of Death, as well as to the many others who have disappeared without a trace in Cuba.

"For practical purposes, Cuba is a Soviet colony. It is totally dependent on the Soviet Union. No important decision is taken without consulting with Moscow first. The Soviet Union would not tolerate any other arrangement. I am writing to President Carter to urge him to oppose the participation of the U.S. in the Moscow Olympics."

Keep your spirtis up, senor. Free men everywhere are on your side. I think the world understands that the ventriloquist's dummy on Leonid's knee may speak Spanish words, but the script from which he is reading was written in Russian. POSTSCRIPT

Members of the U.S. Olympic Committee have been saying that we must participate in the Moscow games "because we signed a contract."

The Russians break agreements whenever it suits them. They will not be impressed by our living up to one. In fact, Brezhnev has already announced that President Carter is an "unreliable partner."

If we participate in the games after protesting against his invasion of Afghanistan, he will assume that we are even weaker, more confused and more divided than he had previously suspected. He will be encouraged to pick up additional real estate just as soon as he has finished killing off the Afghan patriots who are still resisting Soviet aggression.

If the Russians can break the peace by invading another country. I think we can break a contract and decline to show up in Moscow.

One other point should be made. The Olympics are supposed to be for amateurs, yet the whole world knows Soviet athletes are professionals.

For them, athletics is a job, a full-time profession that earns them better pay, better food, better housing and better status than the average Soviet citizen can attain.

Top Soviet athletes do no ordinary work. They earn their keep by training and competing, and they are paid special bonuses for winning.

Our amateurs must spend most of their time earning a living or attending school. It is not fair to match them against professionals.Yet that's what the Olympic rules say we must do.

The rules say every nation can set its own standards for amateurism, and no other nation can challenge such decisions. We can disqualify our own athletes for alleged violations of the simon-pure rule, even when the charges are flimsy and the punishments arbitrary. But we can't say a word about another country's obvious professionals.

The Olympic Games have long been used for political purposes, including wanton murder. They are notorious for cheating incidents and poor sportsmanhsip. Yet we have been brainwashed into regarding them as a sacred religious rite.

It may be time to reappraise the entire Olympic structure -- starting with our autocratic and self-perpetuating Olympic Committee.