Astrologically, this will be one of the strangest election years: volatile, explosive and packed with sudden changes. Planet Uranus (on the fateful and fatal degree of 25 of Scorpio) dominates the scene and thus portends the possibility of a great upset, or upheaval, not only on the day of the election but also for a few months following.

The time between the nominations and election is also studded with possibility of sudden reversals and there is a great probability that one or both conventions may have to reconvene in order to reshuffle the names on the ticket.

On the Democratic side Jimmy Carter announced himself on a void of course (or invalid) ascendant, Teddy Kennedy on the void of course moon, and Jerry Brown on retrograde Mercury (President Nixon and Vice President Agnew were nominated in 1972 on void of course ascendants, and McGovern on void of course moon). Mercury retrograde is a shade better -- but it still leads nowhere. In addition, the Democratic convention will open on the void of course moon.

Whether in political life or in private life any project begun under the above mentioned aspects is moribund. If you would launch a ship under such an aspect (void ascendant or void of course moon), it would sink upon hitting the water. If launched on retrograde Mercury it would be either blown by winds completely off course or would have to return for repairs.

Astrologically speaking, the Democratic convention opens under aspects that lead nowhere (possibility of a deadlock), and it has to choose among three ducks where two of them are dead ducks (Carter and Kennedy), and the third one is moribund (Jerry Brown).

On the Republican side the situation is slightly better, but not by much. Ronald Reagan, who is still a front runner according to the polls (but in fourth place behind Baker, Bush and Anderson, according to the comparative strengths of their charts), announced himself on retrograde Mercury, and is no better off than Jerry Brown. In addition, the Republican convention also opens under retrograde Mercury.

And since the aspect of retrograde Mercury makes things turn out not the way they are planned, the convention may nominate Reagan and then it will have to reconvene and reshuffle the slate. If they nominate someone else, they may have to change their stratgey because of some reshuffle on the Democratic side.

On the Republican side only three charts are really strong. They are (in order of relative astrological strength): Baker, George Bush and John Anderson. Reagan's chart trails behind and the aspects on Connally's chart peaked a long time ago. The charts of these three presidential candidates beat "hands down" the charts of the three Democratic hopefuls.

Sen. Baker's chart is the strangest of all since it indicates that he may snatch victory from the jaws of the lion, at the very last moment. It could be this sudden reversal that Uranus seems to indicate.

The charts of Jimmy Carter and of Kennedy indicate personal danger while the chart of Ronald Reagan indicates the possibility of illness. All three men should watch themselves carefully.

In order to say who will win the 1980 election one has to have the charts of vice presidential candidates in order to assess the relative astrological strength of the tickets, which at the present is still not available. On the basis of the charts of just the presidential candidates, the Republicans look much better than the Democrats.

My astrological advice would be for the Democrats to change the convention dates and to pick any other candidate than the three that are running, and for Republicans also to change the day of their convention and to choose the two of three charts that are the strongest.

The most ominous factor in the 1980 election is that the planet Uranus enters the 25th degree on the night of the election and sits there for a few months, opening the possibility of an upheaval, or of a sudden event after the election but before inauguration.

Since the economy of the country is strongly connected with the possibilities of open hostilities and war-like situation and such conditions persist throughout 1980 (especially until May 5), I expect gold to go even higher (up to $1,000 an ounce or over) as well as prices for silver and precious stones.

I expect strikes and higher unemployment and a shortage of labor in some fields. Two periods are not good: in March, and another that is downright bad in the second part of June. And while I do not expect the crash of 1929, I do expect at that time for a bubble of unrealistic expectations to burst -- with some acute oil crisis in June.

All of that is tied up to the international crisis that becomes very dark in February, especially in view of the eclispe on Feb. 16 that falls on the 26th degree of Aquarius. President Carter has Mars (planet of war) on that degree.

Since the planet Mars will be traveling back and forth over that degree in addition to traveling over the degree of previous eclipse (on 29th of Leo), and such aspects trigger off severe earthquakes, the following dates are the most dangerous for both war-like moves and for earthquakes.

From Jan. 24 through Feb. 16, the situation becomes very dangerous (since President Carter has issued the announcement that unless Russians withdraw from Afghanistan we will boycott the Moscow summer Olympics, I expect Russians marching into Iran or threatening Iran at the date).

Then the aspects are again bad, acutely so from March 10-16, March 23 to April 2, April 10-19 and April 29 to May 5th.