Dear Diary:

This is how I spent Super Sunday.

I woke up in the morning and felt Super. My wife wanted to surprise me, so he gave me a Super breakfast in bed. "Honey," I said, "you're really a Super person for doing this." She kissed me on the forehead. "Super Sunday only comes once a year."

After breakfast I shaved with a Super blade and went downstairs to make a cheese dip for a Super bunch of guys I had invited over to watch the game with me. I didn't invite any Super girls because even on Super Sunday my wife doesn't like Super women around the house. She says she doesn't mind the other kind.

When I finished making the cheese dip, I went to a Supermarket where they were having a Super sale on potato chips, candy and popcorn. Then I found a service station and filled up my tank with Super Premium gasoline.

I came home and watched "Meet the Press" with Jimmy Carter, who said he was doing a Super job against Super odds.

The kids had been out all night, so they were Super quiet as I sat by the set in the afternoon watching highlights of other Super Bowl games.

After the highlights they had a show with some of the great Super football stars of the past. Unfortunately, by this time I had eaten all the potato chips, so I had to go out to a store and buy some more. But the Supermarket was closed, so I found a Super drugstore that sells everything from Super pantyhose to Super toothpaste.

I bought the potato chips, and since they had a soda fountain I decided to have a Super sundae because it was such a special day.

When I got back at three o'clock I found my kids making breakfast.

"How was your evening?" I asked my son.

"It was just Super."

"Where did you go?"

"To a Super party where I met a Super chick."

"What did you do?"

"We went to an all-night joint and had four Super hamburgers."

At this moment my wife walked in and said, "This kitchen is a Super mess, and if you don't clean it up immediately, you can all make your own suppers."

"Mom," my daughter said, "you're being Supersensitive. This is Super Sunday, and we should be allowed to do anything we want to."

I left the kitchen because TV was featuring a film of Super Bowl cheerleaders. During the program I got a call from a brother-in-law of mine asking me whether I wanted to take 10 1/2 points and bet on the Los Angeles Rams. He thinks I'm a Super patsy when it comes to football. I told him, 'No way' and then asked how my sister was. He said, "She has a Super cold and is in bed. I hope she doesn't give it to me."

By this time it was 5:30, and my Super friends started arriving. They expressed disappointment that I didn't have a Super screen to watch the game on.

I gave them each a beer and told them to shut up.

We all grabbed chairs and sat around the set. The moment we had waited for was upon us. As they played "The Star Spangled Banner," we sat quietly thanking the Super Being in our own way for the blessings he had bestowed on us during the past football year.

George from Georgetown summed the day up best when he said, "The differnce between us and the Commies is that they don't believe in Super Sunday, so they'll never know the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat."