Q. We have a set of dishes with the mark of Royal Bayreuth on the pieces and the date 1794. Is that the date the set was made? A. The Royal Bayreuth China Company, in the Bavarian area of Germany, went into business in 1794 and put that date on everything it made until 1900. Q. Where can I locate different patterns in china, silver and glass? A. One place is Patterns Unlimited, P.O. Box 15238, Seattle, Washingtion 98115. Enclose a stamped envelope for reply. Q. Please tell me how I could locate a Dutch painter from the 1600s whose signature is on the back of a painting named Gerald De Notte. A. Check your library for a book listing artists in Europe from the 17th century. Q. We have a large flower pot with the name "Haynes, Balt." on the bottom. Can you tell its origin? A. There was a firm in Bonn, Germany, with that name and it made superior pottery. Possibly this is it. Q. Where can I get information on Orientalia? A. Sandra Andacht, P.O. Box 94, Dept, Ca, Little Neck, New York 11363 has a book called Satsuma for $10.40 that includes a price guide. Or subsrcibe to her orientalia Journal at the same address for $12 a year. Q. We have a Currier and Ives print or picture. Could you tell if there was an original painting from which it was taken? A. From 1842 to nearly 1900, Currier, and then Currier and Ives, lithographed prints selling for as little as a penny apiece in New York. Usually there was master copy that was circulated. It wouldn't have come from an original painting, but a sketch. Q. I have a large, round cut-glass vase on legs that is marked Nucut. Can you tell me anthing about it? A. It's not cut glass, but pressed glass polished with a diamond wheel to appear cut. It was made by Jeanette Glass Co., Jeanette, Pennsylvania. Q: We have a stoneware pitcher made in England with the name Anthony Shaw on it. Can you give the origin? A: This particular firm was in business in Tunstall in the Staffordshire district in England from 1851 until 1900. The marks were impressed, and the name of the pattern usually printed on back.