Indira Gandhi was born Nov. 19, 1917, and has her sun in Scorpio. More specifically, she has her sun on the 26th degree of Scorpio. Thus its position immediately involves her (and her country) in the present crisis that revolves around Uranus station on the 25th degree of Scorpio. (Uranus entered that degree Jan. 24.)

There are four points on a person's chart which are important and very sensitive. These points are the cusps (beginnings) of the first house, of the fourth, of the seventh and of the 10th. They correspond respectively to the positions of the following numerals on the face of a clock: 9, 6, 3 and 12. The ascendant (rising sign) is the cusp of the first house, nadir is the cusp of the fourth house, descendant is the cusp of the seventh and Midheaven of M.C. is the cusp of the 10th.

The signs and the degree on these cusps are very important and on Indira's chart, they bring her and her country into the forefront of the present crisis and into immediate danger. Indira has her ascendant on 26 Leo, her nadir is at 25 of Scorpio, her descendant is on 26 of Aquarius and her Midheaven (in a person's chart standing for his destiny, in a country's chart for its government) is the fatal and fateful 25 degree of Taurus.

The Uranus station on the 25th degree of Scorpio will conjoin her nadir and her sun, thus strongly affecting not only her life, but perhaps the very foundation of her country.

As if that were not enough, an eclipse on Feb. 16 falls on the 26th degree of Aquaris and on the cusp of her seventh house -- the house of open enemies, of open hostilities and war or war-like conditions -- as well as on the house of pacts, treaties and partenerships.

It is interesting to note that this eclipse falls also on Jimmy Carter's chart (his Mars -- the planet of war -- is on the 26th degree of Aquarius). His afflicted Mars conjoining her seventh cusp creates automatically an inimical situaton, his Mars presenting her with or challenging her into a war-like situation. Since the effects of the eclipse last December, both factors make for a very explosive and unsettled condition not only for Indira, but also for her government and country.

Indira's chart indicates a person of great strength with an inordinate amount of stubborn determination and fierce loyalty. She likes to accept and is capable of carrying a great deal of responsibility. At the same time, while one part of her firmly believes in and tries to uphold tradition at any cost, another part of her wants to be conventional, unorothodox, dramatic and progressive. This constant struggle between two opposite sides of her nature creates deep conflict and will manifest itself in the plans she will have for her country. I would expect her to be very conservative but at the time to propose some very advanced and controversial plans and methods of progress.

She could put many of her plans into action, for she is very intelligent, quick to comprehend, intuitive and full of new and creative ideas. The chart also shows she has to watch, however, for one flaw -- her timing for the execution of ideas is often incorrect. She frequently acts too quickly. She could correct that easily if she would not question so much whether her ideas are right, but whether the timing for their execution is right. If she waits to ask herself that question she will always get the correct answer.

She can be very diplomatic when she chooses, and she has a magnetic personality. This combination of diplomatic ability, great intuition and personality makes people not only enthusiastic to jump and "pull her chestnuts out of the fire," so to speak, but also makes them forgetful of the fact that she was the one who threw them into the fire in the first place. (Not unlike Jimmy Carter -- same intent, different method.)

Hers is an autocratic chart of a veritable work horse, and she can be quite a slave driver. There is nearly inexhaustible energy on this chart. I do not think she ever gets tired, especially if she feels deeply about something. This is a woman whose passions run deep. They are not shown openly, but the smolder for years if need be. Once the erupt, she will be fearless and formidable both in love and hate.

In dealing with Indira, one should always remember to be totally honest. If one cannot say everything, he should remain silent. She will sense half-truths immediately and cast that person out. Also, one should never threaten her or give an ultimatum. Even a suggestion of threat or ultimatum in the voice will make her immediately accept the challenge and go in the opposite direction, daring the enemy to do what he threatens. She will respond, however, to honestly and kindness.

She is really comfortable only in dealing with strong people, for she depsises inner weakness, lack of resolve, confusion and anything she considers an appeasement or surrender. She may (to the surprise of the world) prefer to deal with a formidable enemy than with a friendly but weak person or nation. tCarter's vaccilating Libra sun is no match for her sun in Scorpio, with its dynamic configuration to the angles of her chart and to her Uranus and Saturn.

Since Carter's Mars on her seventh cusp automatically creates an aggressive atmosphere; since, according to his chart, he will feel compelled to tell her what to do and how to do it (he would do that even if they met as private citizens at a cocktail party in Plains), this bodes no good for the relationship between the U.S. and India.