Naomi Sims offers these "extra special models' make-up tricks" in her book, "How to be a Top Model":

For a Radiant Glow. After applying blush to your cheeks, dab a little more on the brush, blow away excess particles and stroke very gently on the sides of your temples to the hairline and on the tip of your nose and chin.

For an Ethereal Sparkle. After your makeup is complete, take a gold or silver iridescent highlighter and touch very gently to the centers of the chin, forehead and eyelids and above your lips and the bridge of your nose. Use just a smidgeon, pat and blend carefully.

For Luscious Lips. Dab a little lip gloss in the center of your lips (not all over them) or pat silver highlighter in the center of your lower lip.

For the Whitest Eyes. Gently line the bottom inside rim of each eye with blue eye pencil.

For Outstanding Brows. Lightly apply moustache wax and brush up with a stiff-bristle toothbrush.

For the Curliest Lashes. Apply mascara and let dry. Clamp eyelash curler, hold, release and apply a second coat of mascara. For very straight lashes, clamp with curler first, then apply mascara. Let dry and apply a second coat.

Tips for male models:

Most are clean-shaven with well-groomed medium-length hair. A beard or moustache is a calculated risk. Be flexible: Know how to present yourself in a pin-stripe suit, or overalls.

If you have good hands, keep them manicured and make sure the agency sees them. Male hands are often needed for holding and demonstrating products in advertisements.