Billy Carter is going to be working full time in the campaign, according to his agent, Tandy Rice, and has persuaded "about 90 percent" of the country's top country and western stars to come out for President Carter.

Billy and his buddy, performer Tom T. Hall, rounded up top stars and their wives a couple of weeks ago for a party at Hall's Nashville estate, Fox Hollow. All were asked if the president could look to them for endorsements, donations and fund-raising appearances.

Media adviser Jerry Rafshoon's wife, Eden, who is going to coordinate show business and sports-world celebrities, went down for the party.

So did Evan Dobelle.

Now there is going to be another party on Feb. 12. The first one at Fox Hollow was free. This one is going to cost $500 a couple.

Tom T. Hall, who played at the White House the other night, is going all out for Carter. He took his guitar and joined up with Billy in Iowa and did some real whirlwind campaigning. Now he is getting ready to do the same in Florida.

Before The New York Post came out with that story Sen. Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy labeled "scurrilous gossip" before the Iowa caucus, the newspaper gave their source a lie-detector test.

The also gave her two round-trip tickets to Caracas, Venezuela.

The source, Lana Campbell, was afraid the world would beat a path to her door when the news broke. The plane tickets were to enable her to "escape."

When the media failed to lay siege to her New York apartment, she gave the plane tickets back.

The newspaper is not finished with its digging into the senator's private life. They have reporters methodically investigating every single female name ever associated with Kennedy.

The call came when President Carter was at Camp David and a lot of checking had to be done before the caller was put through.

But it turned out that the president did indeed, welcome a call from his "black sheep" nephew, Willie Spann.

Spann, who has been making the television talk-show circuit since getting out of prison, spent 15 minutes on the phone with his uncle, catching up on family news and getting career advice.

Spann's agent, Wayne Smith, said yesterday that he has been "deluged" with job offers, including one from a television station.