If you feel uncomfortable with math, you've come to the right town. A number of math-anxiety counselors work in this area, offering courses both to prevent the development of math discomfort and to help those already afflicted.

"If you want to keep from passing your own anxiety in math to your children," advises Shelia Tobias, "consider taking one of these courses."

Overcoming Math Anxiety, 1302 18th St. Nw. 223-0274. Counseling workshops and seminars to help the "math scarred" overcome their fear and update their math skills.

Math Anxiety Reduction, American University, where Carol Weissbrod's and Elizabeth Adams' course on an "approach to problem-solving" is taught. "We talk about why they feel uncomfortable with math," says Weissbrod, "and teach learning strategies to help them with the subject."

The Institute for the Study of Anxiety in Learning, 1610 New Hampshire Ave. NW, 667-6380. Maintains an information file on math-anxiety courses given around the country.

The Math Center, 3311 Macomb St. NW, 244-6853, Presis Herold started the center when "I got too many private math students to tutor on my own." She conducts diagnostic testing, remedial tutoring, classes for enrichment.

She's looking for candidates to become math tutors. "You don't have to know anything about it -- in fact, those I've helped overcome math discomfort often make the best tutors."

Young Playways, 3404 Connecticut Ave. NW, 362-7518. The store contains many math-oriented playthings, including those designed by Math Center director Herold. They also stock her "Math Teaching Handbook," which parents can use to tutor their own children.